We Know Technology

We specialize in technology repair and tailor maintenance
plans specifically for tablets, barcode & mobile devices,
printers, point-of-sale systems, automated kiosks, and
touch screen displays.

Who we are

Highly trained

At the core of Lexicon, we are not technology, we are people. Our team of engineers and technicians are Lexicon-Certified: continually trained and tested in industry-certified processes.


...in technology repair that is. Why hire anyone but the best? Since Lexicon was founded in 1998, our focus has always been on world-class technology repair and maintenance, and we continue to invest in the latest equipment, systems and processes.

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...to our operation.

At Lexicon, everything we do is linked to our mission of high-quality repair. Therefore, the Lexicon Leadership Team is connected to each part of the operation, from research and development to customer support.

...to our customers.

Our stateside location keeps us in touch with our customers, with tailored repair and maintenance programs specific to each device, and a vast portfolio of technology services at competitive prices.

What we do

“Technology repair is who we are, large-scale technology maintenance programs are what we do” - Lexicon CEO Travis Collins

State-of-the-art repair

Repair Factory is where the magic happens. It’s our state-of-the-art facility where highly-trained technicians, top-of-the-line equipment, certified processes and research all come together. Differentiating from many repair facilities, Repair Factory is built for volume, specialty work and customer cost savings.

Tailored service plans

What good is technology
without its user?

While technology maintenance is our specialty, customers are our focus. We tailor programs specific to each of our customer's needs and strategies specific to each device.

  • Custom turn-around times
  • PCI compliance
  • Key injection
  • Software installation
  • On-site service
  • Advance exchange
  • Brand packaging
  • Software provisioning
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Large-scale maintenance

100,000+ Repair capacity: > 100,000 units/mo.

Nationwide coverage

No matter where you are, we have you covered  with services such as on-site maintenance, advance exchange and live tech support.

Why Lexicon?

Many organizations trust
Lexicon Technologies,
you should too.

We make it easy

Managing one device or one million devices, Lexicon makes the repair process simple. How? Through our repair management system RepairEngine, enabling you to stay informed throughout the entire repair process, all in one place.

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We certify quality

Repair doesn’t make perfect products. Perfect repair makes perfect products. Why accept anything less for your technology? Lexicon has designed industry-certified systems and processes that serve as foundations for high-quality technician repair and equipment performance.

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We save money

Efficiency is usually married with expertise. In the case of technology repair, our customers enjoy cost savings up to 20-40% as a result of component-level repair, reduced turn times and advance exchange.

Reduced turn times

Speed and agility are made possible by large-scale repair operations, process-driven teams, scheduling systems, spare parts and supply chain management.

Component-level repair

While the average technology repair company might throw away an entire mainboard when a part of it is broken, Lexicon has the expertise to repair each specific part, saving you money and time.

Advance exchange

By providing replacement devices as soon as a device is broken, Lexicon prevents customers from incurring the cost of extra purchases.

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Chat with us today

Want a quote or more details about Lexicon?  Call us at 1 (888) 743-9912 to speak with an Atlanta-based Lexicon team member. Or, message us through live chat.