• Auto-ID Solutions
    Learn how Lexicon's Auto-ID support and maintenance solutions for rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and label printers deliver better service and value for our customers.

Our USA location saves you money

How? We pass the savings directly forward to our customers — savings realized from reduced turn time, component-level repair and solutions customized for your needs. Our stateside location keeps us nimble, responsive and reachable.


Lexicon Technologies and our large team of trained technicians hold a number of respected quality-focused certifications.

  • ISO 9001:2015 ensures that customers get consistent, high quality products and services. The certification is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the commitment and involvement of top management, a process-driven approach, measurement of outcomes and continuous improvement.

    “We are proud that our Quality Management System has been certified to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standard, because we see it as an essential element to consistent performance and customer satisfaction. It’s very much a part of who we are.”

    Travis Collins,
    Chief Executive Officer

  • It only takes 100 volts of electricity to harm electronic components, yet humans create thousands of volts with nearly every move. RepairFactory engineers and technicians measure personal electrostatic discharge (ESD) levels before ever entering the repair floor and wear anti-static smocks, wrist straps, and stand on grounding mats to keep ESD levels controlled.

    “Our ESD certification is just one more standard that keeps us ahead of the game, holding us highly accountable to surpass our customers’ expectations.”

    David Word,
    Vice President, Operations

  • Lexicon has implemented a comprehensive moisture sensitive device (MSD) management program. It extends from responsible microchip purchasing to dry-packaging and specialized oven storage methods. Quality assurance at Lexicon begins with extensive microelectronics training, and regulates safe handling, X-ray imaging, and equipment inspection.

    “A robust MSD control program and a high proficiency in component-level repair goes hand-in-hand. RepairFactory’s MSD compliance is essential to the capabilities and expertise we guarantee.”

    Patrick Bennett,
    Director of Quality Management

Component-level Repair

While the average technology repair company might throw away an entire damaged mainboard, Lexicon's component-level repair capabilities allow us to repair what others cannot, saving you money and time.


Lexicon's cloud-based technology maintenance management platform is an intelligent system that manages scheduling, service level performance, spare devices, technician assignment and tracking for maintenance events for all manufacturer types and models throughout an organization.

Lexicon Certified™

Lexicon restores technology inside and out, significantly extending its lifespan. Lexicon Certified™ Refurbishment and Deployment Services make technology more effective and efficient in your operation, multiplying cost savings.

Tailored Service Plans

Our broad capabilities allow us to tailor repair strategies and service levels to meet the specific needs of any hardware deployment.

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