Lexicon LE45 rugged mobile Android computer

Lexicon LE45 – CK65 Alternative

The Lexicon LE45 barcode scanner provides dependability, durability, accuracy, and high-quality performance. This device offers warehouse and other facility managers with an ideal alternative to the Honeywell CK 65 barcode scanner. The Lexicon LE45 mobile device can be used in supply chain operations, healthcare, and education.

Lexicon LE45 Features

  • Processor

    2.0 Ghz
  • Memory

    3 GB RAM/32 GB Flash
  • Display Size

    4-5-inch WVGA (480 x 800) with backlight
  • Battery

    Rechargeable 3.7 V6000mAh
  • Scan Distance

    Up to 50′
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CK65 Features

  • Processor

    2.2 Ghz
  • Memory

    2 GB RAM/32 GB Flash
  • Display Size

    4-inch WVGA (480 x 800)
  • Battery

    Lithium-Ion 7000 mAh
  • Scan Distance

    Up to 80′

Why Lexicon LE45 Barcode Scanner

Lexicon Tech has been an industry-leading component-level repair and maintenance provider with extensive device and market expertise for the last 25 years. When our clients asked us for advice on which devices to purchase, our team engineered a value-priced, no-frills device – the Lexicon LE45.

The LE45 is built to withstand the toughest DC environments like cold storage, heat, and other conditions while maintaining its functionality. The mobile apps, large touchscreen, rugged build, and other features that are part of this device offer a top-tier user experience. Its long range scanning ability is beneficial for tracking inventory and asset management. 

Compatible with your Existing MDM or Terminal Emulator

Manage your devices with tools you already know from major brands including:

High Powered. Not high priced.

Moving from Windows to Android is never a hassle with Lexicon’s feature-rich LE45 rugged device and best-in-class U.S.-based service and support.

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It’s lightweight, strong, and durable.

With a powerful processor, robust wifi, largest-in-class screen, short and long range scanning options, and the latest Android platform, the lightweight and seriously rugged LE45 is built for the long haul.

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Android Migration

Simplify Migration.

Minimize Downtime.

Maximize Results.

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Moving from a Windows operating system mobile computer to a device that uses Android can be challenging. Lexicon provides the perfect solution with convenient and simple Android migration on the LE45. 

The process to migrate to Android O or other Android generations from Windows or another legacy operating system involves a few steps. Just provide Lexicon with the specifications you need, such as desired improvements, the deadline for this migration to take place, and we handle the rest.

3 Simple Steps to Android Migration

You Provide the Specifications

The existing solution, desired improvements, and migration deadline.

We Scope out the Project u0026amp; Deliver

Expert solutions that meet your specifications and milestones.

You Get Back to Work

with new rugged hardware installed with your application, now on Android.

Premium U.S.-Based Support

With migration assistance and up to 5-Years of Lexicon U.S-based OEM service and support, you can trust us to help keep your operation running smoothly.

Premium Support u0026 Service

  • 3 or 5 Year Comprehensive Coverage. 1 Year Coverage Provided
  • 3-day Turnaround Time
  • Spare Pool and Expedited Shipping

Industry Applications

The LE45 is an ideal solution for warehouse workers, distribution centers, port and shipping operations, transportation, logistics, yard management, inventory control, and retail customers who want a complete Android conversion solution with trusted U.S.-based support.

Warehouse Management

The LE45 is effective scanning equipment for applications including: receiving, replenishment, selection & picking, packing & shipping, inventory control, and more. Our device can help you maximize inventory throughput, productivity and improve accuracy.


The LE45 offers inventory control apps to help retail businesses move through the supply chain faster. The rugged design and features provide a convenient way to manage inventory accurately and efficiently to meet customer demands and boost business.


Manufacturing facilities require mobile computers with a rugged design to handle varying temperatures. The durability of the LE45 helps ensure that this device can continue scanning data in a wide range of challenging environments.


Tracking medical supply inventory and resources, administering patient care, and performing other tasks in healthcare facilities requires precision and efficiency. The LE45 helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities handle these tasks with speed and accuracy.


Many schools use laptops, tablets, or other devices as part of the educational environment. The LE45 barcode scanner provides a simple solution to device asset tracking in these settings.

Service Packages

Turnkey Package Solutions

Simplify your move to Android with complete inventory mobile solutions tailored to your needs.

LE45 Asset Management Package

​​End-to-end asset lifecycle tracking from purchase to disposal. Capture and track critical reference-able information such as purchase order, vendor, maintenance, and costs.

LE45 Receiving Package

Deliver packages and assets with precision. Follow chain-of-custody with accurate status. Reduce manual handling of packages to increase worker efficiency.

LE45 Inventory Tracking Package

Track inventory levels in multiple locations, control low stock levels, transfer across locations/sites, reduce carrying costs, and streamline warehouse workers’ jobs.

LE45 Terminal Emulation Package

Get visibility and control over where your mobile devices are, and what they’re doing. Works with Ivanti Velocity to ensure minimal training and downtime.

LE45-VP Package

The LE45-VP (VISION PICKING) PACKAGE gives you everything you need to instantly realize 15% – 20% efficiency gains.

Lexicon LE45 Resources

LE45 Spec Sheet

Detailed specifications including data capture, performance, wireless pan/lan data, interfaces/ports, and user environment.

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Support Updates

Find everything you need to get started and stay updated, all in one place. Quick start and user guides, TE Apps, ROM updates, and more.

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For more detailed information on the LE45, including Android migration assessments and specifications, please contact Lexicon Tech. We offer a free 30-day trial with this rugged mobile computer.

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