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    Grow your bottom line with superior technology maintenance services.

Repair & maintenance support tailored for retail

The benefits of a Lexicon solution

  • Industry-leading turn times

    Industry-leading turn times

    Minimize disruption to your operation with crafted turn-times that meet your most time-sensitive needs. Our stateside location keeps us nimble and able to meet your most high-priority timetables.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage

    Receive maintenance service that is all-inclusive of your needs. Lexicon coverage can include unlimited incidents and accidental damage, as well as replacement when your devices are beyond repair.

  • Spare device management

    Spare device management

    Eliminate downtime. Lexicon’s management of spare devices is a prudent strategy to save money while ensuring that you always have an extra device on hand.

  • Like-new refurbishment

    Like-new refurbishment

    Save money without compromising on quality or performance. Lexicon-Certified refurbishment completely restores your existing equipment inside and out.

  • Video training & support

    Video training & support

    Seamlessly integrate new technology and easily resolve minor issues. Our library of training and support videos enables your employees to become knowledgeable tech users.

  • Multi-manufacturer repair

    Multi-manufacturer repair

    Protect your entire deployment with a single contract — Lexicon services an extensive range of manufacturers and devices past end-of-life notices.

We know retail

Large-scale retailers have turned to Lexicon for technology repair for years. We have partnered to create winning technology support for retail clients throughout the US, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Lexicon POS protection

Trader Joe’s shaved a third of their POS repair costs with a Lexicon maintenance plan that maximized POS uptime with like-new refurbishment.

See how Lexicon met the challenge while tailoring solutions to the core values Trader Joe’s.


Focus on your business, and let us focus on the hardware that fuels it.

The nature behind Lexicon’s expertise

Quality foundation

Lexicon technicians and engineers are held to the highest performance standards in the industry for component-level, ball grid array (BGA), X-ray, and moisture sensitive device (MSD) best practices, among many other certifications.

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It’s state-of-the art. It’s built for scale. It’s RepairFactory.


Take a glimpse into RepairFactory, scaled at 50,000 square feet and growing.


...and counting. Our repair capacity is in excess of 100,000 units per month.


Our stateside location keeps us nimble, responsive and reachable, with industry-certified experts and customer support teams working closely together to offer a vast portfolio of tailored technology services.

Let’s make magic

We customize our service agreements to fit your brand and meet your objectives. Speak to a Lexicon Support Specialist and begin designing a plan to support your organization.