Lexicon-Certified Refurbished
    It's completely restored inside and out — that's our guarantee. Watch to see what makes Lexicon-Certified refurbished technology such a great value.

See how our Lexicon-Certified refurbished devices take shape

STEP 1: Micro-chip repair

Every component of the mainboard is repaired to function like the day it was first engineered.

STEP 2: Performance testing

Parts are tested for maximum response and endurance. Any parts that do not meet Lexicon quality standards will be readily refreshed with new ones.

STEP 3: Plastics engineering

Broken or cracked external components and casings are repaired or recreated from scratch to improve the look and workability of the unit. Lexicon can use a laser etching machine to harden device casings damaged from misuse.

STEP 4: Scrupulous cleanse

This is our trick to that sparkling, like-new shine. By applying specialty high-pressure cleansing techniques and solutions at exactly 140 degrees Fahrenheit, all Lexicon-Certified refurbished items are refreshed to their original state of sheen.

STEP 5: Buffing and polishing

Even the slightest scratch or scrape is sanded, buffed and polished to a shine, restoring metal or plastic back to like-new condition.

STEP 6: Painting

The chemical makeup of our hardware paint is specially formulated for seamless application and ultimate durability. Plus, each hue is custom mixed to achieve perfect color matching.

STEP 7: Assembly & Test

After the work is done, units are reassembled and undergo a final round of performance testing to earn the Lexicon-Certified quality seal.

STEP 8: Packaging

Finally, each Lexicon-Certified refurbished item is carefully packaged so you receive it just like new.

Why Lexicon-Certified Refurbished?

Refresh Your Fleet

Maintain your existing technology fleet by filling in the blanks with Lexicon-Certified Refurbished technology. The quality performance and pristine look of our refurbished products keeps your operation running without compromise.

Extend Technology Investments

Don’t let a manufacturer’s end-of-life notice determine when you need to upgrade. Upgrade when it makes sense for your operation. Tattered technology can be made like-new or replaced with refurbished units.

Guarantee Quality

Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished equipment comes with a warranty against failure of materials or workmanship for ninety (90) days, and is eligible for extended coverage under a Lexicon maintenance agreement.

Our magic is no trick.

It may look like an illusion, but Lexicon is able to transform the most well-worn equipment back to like-new quality.

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