Deployment Services

Lexicon deployment services prepare each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle. Customize your deployment with any combination of services.

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Deployment Features


Kit Assembly

Waste removal and repackaging for straight-from-the box use, including the addition of accessories such as cases and screen protectors


Follow the order of operation for each new device such as initial charging and startup — critical steps that play into future functionality and battery life

Performance Testing

Measurements of proper functionality and endurance through hardware stress testing and assessing against any common startup failures


Define access privileges, creating user profiles, set up user names and temporary passwords, configuring security settings, and company network registration

Asset Tagging

Laser etching and barcoded asset tags added to each component of a kit and recorded within a database with associated serial numbers and end users


Ship each device to its specific location and arrange any necessary physical device setup within the operation

It All Adds Up

Lexicon deployment services can save your IT team tremendous amounts of time and hassle.

for 5,000 devices


for 10,000 devices


for 150,000 devices

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Do it in three steps, not 11. Lexicon deployment services preps your devices for operation — meaning they can go straight from the box to an employee’s hands.

You Lexicon
Software Loading
Security set-up
Adding accessories
Asset tagging
Distribution by asset number to each location
Receipt at associated location
Hand to employees
Turn on

Benefits of Device Deployment


Device deployment program helps save valuable time for IT teams and employees by streamlining the process of setting up and configuring devices. Instead of spending hours on device preparation, IT professionals can focus on more strategic tasks while devices are efficiently deployed.


With devices prepped and ready for immediate use, employees can start working without delay. This leads to improved productivity as there is no downtime associated with device setup or configuration.


Device deployment services ensure consistent configurations and settings across all devices, promoting standardized workflows and reducing potential compatibility issues. This standardization simplifies IT management and support, making it easier to troubleshoot and maintain devices.


Device deployment services often include asset tagging and recording serial numbers, which aids in efficient device management and inventory control. This makes it easier to track devices, monitor their usage, and manage warranty or repair processes.

Industries We Work With


Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers rely on devices for patient care, recordkeeping, and communication. Lexicon’s device deployment services ensure mobile devices like barcode scanners are properly configured, secure, and ready for use in a healthcare environment.


Retailers often need devices like point-of-sale (POS) systems, handheld devices for inventory management and barcode printers. Lexicon’s services facilitate seamless deployment and mobile device management, enabling businesses to serve customers efficiently.


Large businesses and corporations can rely on Lexicon’s device deployment services to streamline the setup and configuration of devices for their employees. We tailor our services to meet the requirements of companies across sectors such as finance, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.


Schools need mobile device deployment for students, teachers, and administrative staff. Lexicon’s services simplify the process, ensuring that devices, such as laptops or tablets, are efficiently prepared for educational use.