Repairs, Maintenance, & Refurbished

“Lexicon is truly one of the best vendors I have ever had a pleasure to work with.”

Solution Provider Partner since 2010, Paciolan

“Lexicon’s dedication to quality, ability to process high-volume repairs and superior customer service make them a great fit for Code.”

Jana Buck, Director of Global Operations, Code Corporation

“Lexicon’s Engineering Team put a solution in place to provide our customers with better service and less failures.”


“Lexicon offers a great added value with a managed service called RepairEngine®, which will allow customers to process, manage and track repairs at their own convenience.”

David Roberts, Senior Vice President, BIXOLON North America


“The LE45’s are fast and reliable. The scanning function reads our barcodes with ease the first time which has improved our productivity. I would recommend them to your other clients.”

Desiree S. Huff, VP Operations, Covington Fabric and Design, LLC

“We’re pleased to certify Lexicon’s LE45 rugged handheld computer. SOTI and Lexicon are committed to providing the best business-critical mobile services to our customers and this is achieved through both quality hardware and software products.”

Shash Anand, VP of Product Strategy, SOTI, Inc.

“As a customer of Lexicon for all my RF device needs for about the past 11-12 years, I knew the LE45 would be top-notch. I was not surprised, the LE45 is an awesome RF device that is fast and very user friendly with the Android operating system. All thumbs up for the LE45!!!!!”

Tony Endicott, Assistant Operations Manager/Inventory Control Manager, House-Hasson Hardware

“We are excited to announce support for the Lexicon LE45. With their vast experience in servicing, supporting, and repairing devices, Lexicon has undoubtedly gained valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t work in ruggedized mobile computing. We’re proud to help extend the capabilities of the LE45 by providing the most advanced terminal emulation solution available.”

Dan Hogan, President, StayLinked Corporation

“[Lexicon’s LE45] is lighter than the similar Zebra scanner. Bigger screen. Simple general configuration.”

Marty Komer, Owner, RT Systems, Inc