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What is RepairEngine?

RepairEngine is a web-based repair management platform. It allows you to initiate a repair, track the health of your deployment through detailed analytics, and easily respond to any open repair notifications that require your attention.

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What if I have products still under manufacturer warranty?

No problem! RepairEngine’s intelligent routing engine determines if your devices are still covered under manufacturer warranty, and will route your repair request to the appropriate destination.

We already use an existing system (i.e. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics) for repair and incident tracking. Do I have to use two different systems?

No. RepairEngine’s API can be used to integrate RepairEngine data into your current management platform. We built our platform using RESTful services and OAuth authorization — ensuring maximum compatibility and interoperability with your current architecture. More information about our API is available upon request.

How much does RepairEngine cost?

Nothing! RepairEngine is a free service that comes standard with all Lexicon service agreements.

Can I use RepairEngine to manage all of my school's instructional technology?

Yes. RepairEngine makes it easy for IT staff to manage multiple device types and maintenance contracts. All the valuable features of RepairEngine — including data dashboards, asset tracking and quick repair submission — are available, regardless of manufacturer or contract.

Can I offer RepairEngine to my clients?

Absolutely. RepairEngine has been built to allow service providers to extend these benefits to their customers.

Can I set my own pricing within RepairEngine?

Solution Provider accounts allow pricing and mark-up modifications on a model by model basis. Speak with a Lexicon representative at (800) 678-1744 to learn more.

What does RepairEngine do?

In addition to providing the simplest way to facilitate hardware repair, RepairEngine can can also help you with asset and contract management. To get a better idea of the full range of functionality, visit our features page.

How do I know if RepairEngine is right for my business?

As a 24-hour accessible platform, RepairEngine is designed to manage technology repairs, orders and contracts for individuals, organizations, solution providers and original equipment manufacturers. It offers customizable features, beneficial to each unique use case and need. All in all, it’s built for everyone.

How do I start a technology repair?

Repairs can be initiated either through our desktop platform, or through RepairEngine mobile. We’ve engineered the process to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible, but feel free to reach out to a Lexicon representative at (800) 678-1744 if you need further assistance.

More questions?

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