Lexicon Tech Solutions recently expanded, adding an additional 25,000 SF for a total space of 75,000 SF.

Lexicon Tech Solutions, an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, recently added an additional 25,000 s.f. of space to the company’s Conyers, GA based repair and storage facility. The expansion comes as the company continues to bring on more K-12 districts for student device repair across the Southeast, as well as continuing to grow the large-scale technology maintenance repairs and refurbished equipment sales for which they are known.

“Our plan has always been to grow responsibly,” said David Word, COO at Lexicon. “We don’t ever want to be put in the position where we’ve grown so fast that our turn times or customer service suffers.”

One of the reasons for Lexicon’s fast turn times is that the company bulk orders parts ahead of time for common devices. Having the parts on hand, explains Word, means that there’s no delay due to parts ordering or a supply chain backlog.

Mitch Rogers, Lexicon’s national sales director, notes the Lexicon team is in in constant contact with customers and the market in order to anticipate what parts to order ahead of time.

“We know the systems and devices being used by our customers and we are constantly back stocking inventory to ensure we have those parts on hand when technology fails,” said Rogers.

LE45 Rugged Android Handheld Scanner

Another reason for the expansion is the explosive growth of the company’s first foray into device manufacturing, the Lexicon LE45 rugged handheld Android scanner.

Lexicon has partnered with companies such as Six15 for vision-picking and BarcodeShack for inventory management, and Mobility System Solutions for asset management.

The LE45, a no frills, priced right alternative to the more expensive scanners out in the market, is Certified by SOTI, Ivanti, Staylinked, Springdale, and Airwatch (VMWare). Ideal for medium to heavy-duty environments, the LE45 has shown increased growth over the past year, most notably with the addition of the alphanumeric version in April 2022.

“There was a little bit of that, ‘no one wants to be first’ mentality in the initial launch,” notes Rogers. “We get that. What I like to remind people is that we’ve been servicing these mobile computers for 25-years. We decided to enter the market because our repair customers were coming to us for advice on the best replacements for their scanners as they aged-out. There’s a lot of powerful scanners out there but they come with a price tag. We saw a need for a powerful, priced-right device with no frills that gets the job done.”

Lexicon is now regularly sending out demo units and fulfilling orders.

Lexicon’s Future Growth

As the company continues to grow, Lexicon is considering where and when to open new facilities.

“Again, maintaining our level of service is key,” said Word. “We’ve got A+ rated techs who can do repairs at the component level, saving our customers money and extending the life of their devices. We’re taking our time and carefully planning how and when we might expand outside our current walls.

For the moment, the company is doing what they do best in Conyers, completing timely repairs for companies like Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Take a peek at Lexicon’s new 25,000 SF of storage and warehouse space.