What is AlwaysLearning™?

AlwaysLearning® is Lexicon’s proven and trusted student device management program. Hear from Lexicon CEO Josh King of the services and benefits of AlwaysLearning®.

RepairFactory Tour — Auto-ID Services

Take a look inside Lexicon’s state-of-the-art RepairFactory, a US-based repair facility that performs component-level repairs on Auto-ID hardware from a variety of leading manufacturers.

Lexicon Quality Repair Testing

A behind-the-scenes look at three types of tests Lexicon performs to guarantee our repairs are of the highest quality.

Lexicon Certified™ Refurbished Behind The Scenes

Explore the process behind Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished products: how we repair at the component level, test for optimum endurance, and polish to like-new perfection.

Lexicon Innovative Technology Solutions for Auto-ID Equipment

Learn how and why the companies that work with Lexicon minimize their downtime and maximize their technology investments.