Barcode Scanner Maintenance

Lexicon Tech is an industry-leading repair center. Our industry-certified technicians service barcode scanner repairs, handheld scanners, laser scanners, wireless barcode scanner products, ring scanners, barcode readers, and other industrial barcode scanner products.

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Barcode scanners play an essential role in inventory management and operations. Reliable repairs, support service, and quick turnaround times are essential to smooth business operations. Lexicon Tech can provide repair and maintenance support to minimize downtime in your operations.

Supported OEMs

From Honeywell and Zebra to Intermec, Datalogic, and Symbol-Motorola, Lexicon Tech supports a wide range of barcode scanner manufacturers.

Third-Party Maintenance Solution for Barcode Scanners

Lexicon Tech offers barcode scanner maintenance and repairs for many models. When you need barcode scanner repair, you can count on our certified and trained service technicians. Lexicon can provide timely access to replacement parts and barcode scanner accessories.

Our service helps ensure that your barcode reader, handheld barcode scanners, and other barcode scanning devices continue working for dependable inventory management in your warehouse or business.

Brands We Service

Honeywell Barcode Scanner Repair

Get high-quality repairs and maintenance for Honeywell barcode scanners. Our A+ certified technicians receive repair training and certification for all devices they repair. With replacement parts stored in our warehouse, you can depend on quick turnaround times when you need barcode repair services.

Intermec Barcode Scanner Repair

Intermec barcode scanners are designed to provide reliable service. However, they can become damaged over time. Our team at Lexicon Tech can maintain your Intermec barcode scanning equipment and handle repairs as needed. These support services help ensure that you can keep using your Intermec barcode scanner.

Zebra Barcode Scanner Repair

Lexicon Tech has the parts and equipment needed for a wide range of Zebra barcode scanner repairs. Our A+ certified technicians are trained on all Zebra barcode scanning models they repair. Since we store bulk replacement parts in our warehouse, you don’t need to worry about delayed repairs for your Zebra equipment.

Datalogic Barcode Scanner Repair

When your warehouse or business needs maintenance and repairs for your Datalogic barcode scanners, Lexicon Tech can replace parts as needed or provide maintenance to keep your Datalogic barcode scanners and other barcode scanning devices in good working condition over the years.

Symbol-Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair

We offer reliable support services for Symbol-Motorola barcode scanning equipment. From a quick fix to complicated repairs, our A+ certified technicians have the training and experience to handle them all. 

Hardware Support with Lexicon Tech

Extend the Life of Hardware

Lexicon Tech helps you get more mileage out of your equipment. As a third-party maintenance provider, we can service your equipment, make prompt repairs, or replace parts as needed. We are electrostatic discharge (ESD) certified as well, which can help extend the life of your equipment and devices. 

30-40% Less Than the OEM

Our third-party maintenance solution offers lower costs for service compared to OEM support. In fact, our cost savings are generally between 30 to 40 percent of OEM maintenance costs. This can help your business save money on equipment expenses, especially on equipment that you’ve had for a few years or more.

Streamlined Support

When you rely on Lexicon Tech for service, your business can have all equipment maintenance under one roof. Instead of having to find a different TPM provider for different manufacturers and models, you can turn to us for all of your hardware support needs. 

Replacement Parts

Lexicon Tech purchases equipment parts in bulk and stores them in our 75,000 square foot warehouse. Having these parts on hand helps expedite the repair process, so you don’t have to wait for repairs. Storing these spare parts also helps lower the risk of having parts become unavailable for repairs over time. 

Expert Opinion

Our team at Lexicon Tech includes highly trained technicians. All technicians are trained for the exact device on which they perform repair and maintenance on. Our A+ certified technicians and engineers have 14 certifications, including certification on each device model that we support. When your original warranty period runs out, you can count on our experts to service your equipment.

5-Day Turn Time

With a maintenance contract from Lexicon Tech, you don’t have to wait weeks for repairs or replacement parts. We offer a 5-day turn time with our standard maintenance contracts. Since we purchase parts in bulk and store them, we can easily repair or replace parts within a shorter time frame.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Lexicon Tech offers basic support services for regular wear and tear and customizable service contracts.

What’s Included?

Our standard service contract covers normal barcode scanner wear and tear. We offer a comprehensive service contract that covers new main boards and includes device replacement for barcode scanners that aren’t crushed or damaged by water.

  • Unlimited barcode repair
  • 5-day turn time for fast turnaround
  • Access to RepairEngine® for real time tracking and analytics
  • U.S.-based support
  • Warranty for contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified
  • A+ certified techs
  • All barcode scanning equipment repairs undergo QA before being returned. We repair the reported issue, along with unreported issues
  • We offer annual service contracts up to 5 years in length
  • Lexicon bulk orders barcode scanner parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays
  • 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

Even barcode scanning equipment with a high ingress protection rating or IP rating can develop problems over time.

0-3 Years

You typically have OEM support for your barcode scanner during this phase and lower risk of problems for barcode printer products and other barcode equipment. You can begin to look for TPM barcode maintenance now to line up a service contract.

3-6 Years

Few issues occur with barcode scanning equipment and barcode technology in this stage. You’ll usually have ongoing OEM support, but you can look into options for TPM hardware and software solutions for your barcode system. Equipment might need a simple repair and regular maintenance during this phase.

6-9 Years

This is when barcode scanners start getting close to their end of life date. When this happens, OEM support might not be available anymore. You should have a service contract set up for your handheld barcode scanner or industrial scanner at this point. This can help ensure fast turnaround for repairs.

9-12 Years

During this phase, you won’t be able to rely on OEM support for your barcode scanners. You’ll need reliable TPM service to support your barcode scanning equipment. With a TPM maintenance schedule and fast repairs, you can count on your equipment continuing to work properly as it nears the end of its lifecycle.

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