Retail Inventory Scanners

Having dependable barcode scanners can help retail stores and businesses achieve a more accurate retail inventory count and improve customer service overall. These wireless scanners provide a more efficient retail inventory management solution. 

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Retail inventory scanners make it easier to update inventory information in real time, which helps improve accuracy. Their durable design makes them suitable for use in different retail environments, including checkout counters, distribution centers, and stockrooms. Learn more about our services for retail barcode scanners.

Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers third-party maintenance for equipment from manufacturers including:

Featured Barcode Scanners for Retail 

Zebra MC92N0

The MC92N0 barcode scanner provides a rugged design that can be used in the harshest environments. This scanning device also has six advanced scanning engines, including 1D and 2D. Other features include options for Android or Windows operating systems and expanded data storage for even better inventory control. 


The MC9090 barcode scanner for retail applications features a rugged design and the ability to scan barcodes from up to 40 feet away. This scanning device collects data in real time and supports wireless printing. Other features include short, brick, and gun options that offer versatile usage on sales floors, in warehouses, or in other retail settings. 

Lexicon LE45

The Lexicon LE45 is a rugged handheld device designed for use in tough environments. It is a versatile and durable device that has a range of features, including an ergonomic design, long battery life, and a variety of connectivity options. The LE45 is Android 12 GMS certified, meeting the stringent standards required for Google Mobile Services compatibility. It is also Staylinked, Ivanti, and SOTI certified, which is essential for organizations that require secure and reliable mobile device management solutions. 


The CK75 handheld barcode scanner features an ultra rugged design in a smaller size for comfortable handling. This barcode scanner is optimized for use in distribution centers and warehouses. The CK75 includes integrated scanners for 2D imaging. An integrated camera option is also available.


The Zebra MC9190 retail barcode scanner has a rugged design that can handle drops up to 6 feet. This scanning device also features a gun style design and improved productivity due to its data collection, wireless printing, and other capabilities. The MC9190 automatically switches screen orientation as well for faster scanning. 

Lexicon Tech Services for Retail Scanners


When your barcode scanners need any type of repair, Lexicon Tech is here to help. We repair these scanners with a short turnaround time to minimize business disruptions. After they are repaired, you can continue to use them to keep track of accurate stock levels and improve inventory visibility.


Keeping handheld inventory scanners in good condition involves regular maintenance. Our team can check your barcode scanners for any issues that need to be fixed. Routine maintenance on these devices means you can keep using them reliably for scanning barcode labels and improving inventory control in your retail store or business.


We offer refurbishment services to keep your handheld inventory scanners in good condition. This helps them last for years before they need to be replaced. We also have refurbished barcode scanners available for purchase. These scanners can help ensure accurate inventory levels while helping you save on equipment costs.

Handheld Scanners for Inventory Management

Inventory Management 

Our handheld inventory scanners provide an efficient way to maintain an accurate physical inventory count at all times. These scanners can be used to do a partial count or a full inventory count as needed. This allows your business to identify missing items or low-inventory items and reorder as needed.


Keeping retail shelves filled helps ensure that customers are able to purchase the products they need. Using dependable barcode scanners offers an effective solution for shelf replenishment. This helps reduce the risk of running low on items in your retail store. With reliable scanners, items can be ordered and placed on shelves promptly.


Using handheld barcode scanners for store checkout can help retail businesses maintain better inventory control. These scanners can keep the inventory count updated in real time as customers purchase items. The use of these scanners on the sales floor at checkout counters helps reduce human error when it comes to keeping track of inventory.

Product and Pricing Management 

Barcode scanners can be effectively used to scan product details and manage the retail price of various items. Retail staff can scan the universal product code or UPC barcode on items to gather product data and ensure accurate pricing. From partial inventory counts to full inventory counts, barcode scanners offer an efficient way to manage products and prices.

Assisted Sales 

Handheld inventory scanners offer a reliable solution for assisted sales. These scanning devices can collect product details and allow for greater inventory control during the selling process. Using these scanners on the sales floor helps ensure accurate stock levels in retail stockrooms, distribution centers, and warehouses.

Equipment for the Toughest Conditions

Barcode Scanners

Lexicon Tech Solutions repairs and refurbishes barcode scanners made to handle the harshest environments. These barcode scanning devices can be exposed to severe weather and extreme temperatures while continuing to function and provide accurate scanning for your warehouse or distribution center. 

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers provide a convenient way for warehouse workers to perform multiple tasks in any environment. At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we offer a few types of mobile computers to fit different needs, including handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted. These different mobile computer devices provide real-time data important for inventory management and other tasks. 

Barcode Printers

A grocery store or small business might need a receipt printer designed for indoor use only. However, the warehouse environment requires barcode printers that can handle rugged conditions. Lexicon Tech Solutions has different types of barcode printers available for warehouses and distribution centers to use. These include desktop, industrial, and mobile. 

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Lexicon Tech Solutions has the inventory management solution your retail business needs. Please contact us to learn more about our retail barcode scanners and other services.