• Auto-ID Solutions
    Lexicon Technologies proudly repairs, maintains, refurbishes and deploys enterprise technology here in the USA.

The service for which Lexicon was founded — precision technology repair has been a differentiator from day one, whether visiting customers onsite to fix a pesky printer or maintaining the largest deployment of mobile devices in the world.

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While technology maintenance is our specialty, customers are our focus. Lexicon Maintenance Plans are tailored specifically to each of our customer's needs with preventative maintenance, and distinct techniques to prolong lifespan.

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How do we add the sparkle back to your technology? Pressure washing, plastics conditioning, painting, rubber renewal, and micro-chip repair are all techniques involved in restoring technology to earn the Lexicon-Certified Refurbished seal.

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Lexicon Deployment Services ensures all of your devices are ready to use right out of the box. It’s a quick pit stop to customize your technology with security, software and asset tagging essential to its use in your operation.

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"Technology repair is who we are, large-scale technology maintenance programs are what we do."
Travis Collins

Have Multiple Service Needs?

Chat with us about tailoring solutions for one particular model, or multiple device and manufacturer types. Technology maintenance should be simple, and we’re here to support your operation with solutions fit for your needs.