• Who We Are
    Savvy in an ever-changing marketplace, Lexicon is a multi-faceted technology maintenance company that takes a thoughtful approach to be an attentive, innovative, and efficient technology partner.
Our Values

Our founding principles — quality and consistency — have allowed us to develop paramount service levels powered by a team of technicians skilled at the top of the electronics field, and scaled through intelligent processes and systems.

Our Mission

Lexicon’s mission is to implement a revolutionary approach to large-scale technology maintenance, introducing unique hardware lifespan and performance enhancements that are currently being overlooked.

Our Promise

Lexicon’s promise is quality. We are committed to helping large-scale organizations procure, implement and sustain technology in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


In 1998, Travis Collins set out to fill a gap he noticed in technology sustainability. He realized there were few maintenance and repair options for customers with large technology deployments and none that were designed to benefit customers. In 2003 former colleagues Rose Collins and Dave Wiedman joined the leadership team. With prior technology venture success, together the three entrepreneurs set out to change the nature of technology maintenance. Today, Lexicon Technologies is an industry leader for enterprise technology repair in the US. The company continues to innovate and expand with maintenance management platforms that empower customers to better manage large technology deployments.


Jimmy NgoJimmy Ngo never gets overheated. Lexicon’s resident expert in thermal printers keeps Zebras (and their label-making owners) up and running.

Ellie ThompsonProduction apprentice Ellie Thompson enters senior year of high school as Crew Leader for Lexicon Studios.

Johnny MullisAll microelectronics team members are IPC-A-610 certified, but Johnny Mullis is also a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT).

Tracy Swain An asset to every department, Tracy Swain has supported onsite printer repair, managed shipping and receiving (for 11 years), and is now a part of the business development team.


This isn’t pixie dust, but it does represent a little bit of magic that happens every day at Repair Factory. Lexicon repairs microchips two sizes smaller than these.
While James Bond might enter work with an iris scan, Lexicon teams measure their electrostatic discharge levels before passing onto the repair floor.
There really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Repair tools stay precise with constant cleaning and care from Lexicon Technicians.

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