Device Lifecycle Management

Routine use of devices like barcode scanners, printers, and mobile computers can lead to a loss of functionality that impacts productivity. Device lifecycle management is an important solution for maintaining functionality. This management solution helps ensure that each employee device receives prompt repairs and maintenance services, whether a new device or an older model nearing the end of its lifecycle. With this end-to-end solution, businesses can reduce security risks, maintain productivity levels, and save money.

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Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech offers device lifecycle management services for products made by manufacturers, including Datalogic, Honeywell-LXE, Intermec, Zebra, Symbol-Motorola, and HP.

Third-Party Device Management Solution

Barcode Scanners 

Barcode scanners can develop issues that affect their accuracy and functionality, making them unsuitable for use in warehouses and other facilities. Lexicon Tech Solutions offers device management services for barcode scanners to ensure that employees can keep using them. This includes timely repairs, whether you need a single device fixed or several barcode scanners. 


Mobile Computers 

Mobile computers, such as vehicle-mounted, handheld, and wearable devices, need maintenance and prompt repairs to remain in good condition. Lexicon Tech offers a mobile device management system that includes repair and maintenance services for these end-user devices. This helps ensure device security and dependable functionality.



Industrial, desktop, mobile, and receipt printers are end-user devices that can undergo significant wear and tear. Our device lifecycle management solution provides this device type with maintenance and repairs as needed. This management system helps keep printers properly functioning, whether they need minor repairs or replacement parts, over the years. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Our device lifecycle management plans include basic maintenance contract features and customization options to best fit your needs. The standard contract for device lifecycle management includes normal wear and tear on your devices. With a comprehensive contract, which includes new main boards, we replace devices that don’t have water damage and aren’t crushed.

  • Unlimited device repairs
  • 5-day turnaround time on device repairs
  • Access to the RepairEngine app for tracking and analytics 
  • U.S-based support
  • Warranty for your contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certification
  • A+ certified and experienced techs
  • We store bulk parts in our 75,000 sq ft warehouse 
  • All device repairs undergo quality assurance before we return them. We repair the reported issue and unreported issues.
  • We offer annual contracts that last up to 5 years
  • We order replacement parts in bulk at the start of your contract to prevent repair delays 

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years 

The first step in device lifecycle management is using available OEM support or purchasing it separately. New technology often comes with this support, but you can also look into third-party device management solutions if needed. 

 3-6 Years 

OEM support expenses for end user devices are generally higher than TPM support during this stage. Having TPM support is usually less expensive, since printer, barcode scanner, and mobile device replacement parts are typically easy to obtain at this point. 

6-9 Years

OEM support for mobile devices, printers, or barcode scanner equipment is usually over or near its end-of-service life date. TPM device lifecycle management solutions often make more financial sense for businesses during this stage. 

9-12+ Years 

Older end-user devices have increased security risks, component damage, and other problems. Device lifecycle management from TPM providers can help keep these devices functioning until they need to be replaced. 

Solutions for Your Industry


IT businesses need to maintain functionality in all end-user devices to protect device security, ensure updated device configuration, and maintain productivity. We provide an exceptional customer experience with device lifecycle management for these businesses. 


Warehouses depend on functioning barcode scanners, mobile devices, and printer technology. Lexicon Tech offers device management services for new and older technology. 


Manufacturing businesses need regular configuration management and device lifecycle services for each employee device. Lexicon Tech Solutions can handle this time-consuming process for manufacturing facilities. 


Logistics businesses rely on end-user devices for productivity, making it essential to manage the lifecycle of this equipment. Lexicon Tech has you covered from mobile device management to printer management. 

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