Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Medical staff depend on barcode scanning for identifying patients, gathering label information on medications, and handling tasks important for patient safety. Lexicon Tech offers barcode scanner maintenance to help keep devices fully functioning for healthcare professionals.

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Third-Party Maintenance Solution for Barcode Scanners

Maintenance services include failure reports, end-of-life support, cloud-based incident tracking, and more. From point-of-care barcode solutions in a hospital setting to administrative solutions in other healthcare environments, Lexicon Tech helps ensure operational efficiency.

Supported OEMs

Featured Barcode Scanners for Healthcare

Honeywell-LXE Xenon 1900

This bar code scanning device offers impressive digital image capture and the ability to read small barcodes and 2D barcodes on a wide range of surfaces. A durable design makes this handheld scanning device suitable for use in hospital settings, pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare environments.

Zebra DS4208

This healthcare barcode scanner includes 1D and 2D barcode capture abilities, which can be used for scanning patient wristbands, blood samples, syringes, medications, and medical supplies. The Zebra DS4208 scanner is built to handle disinfectants with an IP43 environmental seal and medical grade plastic housing. 

Healthcare Industry Solutions

Point-of-Care (POC)

Point-of-care in the healthcare industry requires having dependable barcode scanners that can handle exposure to harsh disinfectant solutions and daily cleaning. These scanners are used for patient identification, patient admissions, specimen collection for lab tests, medical records information, and other aspects of patient care. Barcode maintenance provides peace of mind that this type of medical device keeps working as efficiently as possible. 

Medical Supply Tracking

Barcode technology offers a simple and effective way to track medical supplies in the healthcare industry. Being able to scan each barcode label helps hospitals, blood banks, clinics, and other healthcare facilities keep track of inventory more accurately and efficiently. Barcode scanner maintenance ensures that healthcare facilities can continue using these devices without interruptions. 


Pharmacies depend on barcode technology to scan medication labels for better operational efficiency, increased patient safety, and improved accuracy. Scanning each barcode label helps pharmacists and pharmacy staff dispense medication accurately, which reduces the risk of medication errors, such as incorrect dosages and incorrect medication types. 


Barcode technology is used for several administrative tasks in the healthcare industry, including scanning medical records and handling patient admission. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need reliable barcode scanners that provide accuracy and the ability to withstand frequent cleaning. 


Blood banks and other healthcare facilities sometimes have mobile services available. Barcode scanners are important for handling specimen collection in these mobile healthcare settings. Using barcode technology provides an accurate and efficient way to gather information. Our barcode scanner maintenance is designed to ensure that mobile healthcare services have dependable scanning technology. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Our basic maintenance plan for barcode scanners includes regular wear and tear, but we also provide ways to customize this plan to fit the needs of each healthcare facility.

Standard healthcare barcode scanner contracts from Lexicon Tech Solutions cover normal wear and tear. Comprehensive contracts for bar code scanners also include coverage for new main boards, as well as replacement devices if the original device isn’t crushed or damaged by water.

  • Unlimited barcode repair
  • Under 5-day turn time
  • Access to RepairEngine® for real time tracking and analytics
  • U.S.-based support
  • Warranty for contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified
  • A+ certified techs
  • 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse
  • All barcode scanning equipment repairs undergo QA before being returned. We repair the reported issue, along with unreported issues
  • We offer annual service contracts up to 5 years in length
  • Lexicon bulk orders barcode scanner parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years

For the first few years of the barcode scanner lifecycle, the original manufacturer generally offers maintenance service. This is also a good time to look into third-party maintenance (TPM) options for barcode scanning devices before major problems or wear and tear occur. 

3-6 Years

During this part of the barcode scanner lifecycle, replacement parts are typically easy to find. TPM service options become more important in this stage as barcode scanners move closer to reaching their end of service date with the manufacturer. Repairs and wear and tear are still not as much of a concern during this stage. 

6-9 Years

This lifecycle stage is when maintenance through the manufacturer might no longer be available. This comes at a time when wear and tear becomes more of a concern. TPM maintenance contracts can provide peace of mind and lower costs compared to manufacturer maintenance during this stage. 

9-12+ Years

During this barcode scanner lifecycle stage, these devices become more prone to developing problems. Maintenance from the manufacturer is usually no longer offered, making TPM service more important. TPM maintenance can help barcode scanners at this stage last past the expected end of their lifecycle.

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