Refurbished Printers

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers high-quality refurbished printers. Our printers undergo rigorous testing and refurbishing to meet the original manufacturer’s standards. With our expertise in printer repair and maintenance, we provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing solution backed by a comprehensive warranty and exceptional customer support.

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Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers third-party maintenance for equipment from manufacturers including:

Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished Printers 

Zebra 105SL

This printer offers a rugged design and improved processing capacity, making it the perfect choice for different applications. Other features include faster print speeds and processing, network compatibility, and good print quality.

Zebra 105SL Plus

This refurbished model supports high-volume print applications with faster print speeds. This printer features Element Energy Equalizer, the latest technology that extends the printhead lifecycle and ensures exceptional print quality.

Zebra 110xi4

This printer offers increased print speeds that can handle larger batches, a bigger LCD screen, and flexible options for connectivity. These refurbished machines are RFID-ready and include onboard diagnostic tools for troubleshooting errors and other issues.

Zebra 140xi4

This printer offers a rugged design that can handle a wide range of environments. Other features include a 5-inch print width and faster print speeds. This refurbished machine also includes flexible connectivity, a large LCD screen, and intelligent printhead system.

 Zebra 170xi4

This refurbished printer offers improved DPI print resolution for better quality, a 6.6-inch print width, and the ability to print large batches. Other features include all-metal construction for added durability and faster print speeds.

Zebra ZT410

This printer is an ideal choice for manufacturing and other industries that include harsh environments. The ZT410 has a rugged design, fast print speeds, support tools, and different options for connectivity.

Zebra QLn320

This portable printer is easy to handle, while also offering a durable design. The QLn320 is a wide format printer that can handle print widths up to 3 inches. Other features include simple integration, a 1-piece design, and extended battery life for fewer disruptions.

Zebra QLn420

This mobile printer offers greater print widths of up to 4 inches, a tempered glass display for durability, and a larger display screen. Other features include faster processing, increased memory, and charging accessories to help reduce downtime.

Services for Refurbished Barcode Scanners


Our printer technicians offer timely repair services on refurbished units. This helps them continue to function beyond the end of their lifecycle. Our services at our repair facilities have fast turnaround times for your convenience.


We offer maintenance service agreements that help ensure your refurbished printers continue working properly. With maintenance, you won’t need to purchase new equipment as often.


At Lexicon Tech Solutions, our qualified technicians are able to refurbish office printers and other printers to ensure extended use. You can also purchase refurbished models from us as a direct replacement for your existing printers.

What Is Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished?

Lexicon-Certified™ refurbished models have met our high-quality standards, which indicate that these units have been restored to like-new condition. Every refurbished printer purchased has a comprehensive warranty on workmanship and failure of materials for 90 days. There’s also an option to extend this coverage with Lexicon maintenance agreements. Our qualified technicians handle the refurbishment process from start to finish with the greatest care.

Industries We Serve


Barcode label printers are essential for the healthcare industry to keep track of medical equipment, patient data, and medication. Lexicon Tech Solutions’ refurbished barcode label printers offer a sustainable and cost-effective printing solution for healthcare providers without sacrificing quality.


Barcode label printers are a critical component of warehouse operations for inventory management, tracking, and shipping.Lexicon Tech Solutions’ refurbished barcode label printers provide a cost-effective and high-quality printing solution for warehouses. Our printers undergo thorough testing and refurbishing to ensure they meet or exceed original manufacturer’s standards, enabling warehouses to increase productivity, save money, and reduce their environmental impact.


Barcode label printers are an essential tool for retailers to manage pricing, inventory, and tracking of products. Having refurbished models for printing can help retail businesses reduce operating expenses. These refurbished units are able to function just as well as a brand new machine. This ensures that retail businesses can print receipts and other documents while keeping costs lower.


The manufacturing industry depends on having printers that are able to handle different environments. Our refurbished printers can function in a wide range of manufacturing settings, making them the perfect choice for a cost-effective printing solution.


School districts have a significant need for barcode label printers for tracking assets, textbooks, and other resources. Lexicon Tech Solutions’ refurbished barcode label printers provide a budget-friendly option that can handle the printing needs of these districts while also promoting sustainability. By choosing refurbished printers, school districts can reduce costs and direct funds to other important educational programs and initiatives.

Refurbishment Process

Micro-chip Repair

Every component on the mainboard is repaired to function like the day it was first built.

Performance Testing

Parts are tested for maximum response and endurance. Parts that don’t meet standards are refreshed for new ones.

Plastics Engineering

Broken or cracked external components are repaired to improve the look and workability of your device.

Scrupulous Cleanse

Specialty high-pressure cleansing techniques are used to refresh items to their original state.

Buffing & Polishing

The next steps include buffing and polishing to remove scrapes and scratches and applying hardware paint.


Specially formulated hardware paint is applied to your device for ultimate durability.

Assembly & Test

Units are reassembled and undergo performance testing to earn the Lexicon-Certified seal.


Refurbished item is carefully packaged and received like new.

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To learn more about refurbished models for your business, please contact Lexicon Tech Solutions. We can also help you set up a service plan to keep your office equipment in good condition.