Warehouse Inventory Management Solutions

Warehouses handle several essential tasks, from receiving goods to shipping them and managing inventory at all times. Having reliable barcode scanners to use for warehouse operations helps ensure steady productivity. Other benefits include lower operational costs and more accurate scanning for inventory control. 

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Lexicon Tech Solutions offers durable and dependable barcode scanners that can be used in warehouses and distribution centers. These handheld barcode scanners can withstand any warehouse environment without malfunctioning or sustaining severe damage. In addition to this scanning equipment, we offer services to keep them in good condition, including refurbishment, repair, and maintenance.

Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers third-party maintenance for equipment from manufacturers including:


Lexicon Featured Warehouse Barcode Scanners 

Lexicon LE45

The Lexicon LE45 barcode scanner offers simple Android migration and a lightweight design that makes it easy to hold. This scanner’s rugged design and durability allow it to handle exposure to harsh conditions. It features a scanning distance of up to 50 feet, a 4.5-inch display size, and much more.

Zebra MC92N0

This rugged mobile scanning device features six advanced scanning engines that can read one-dimensional barcode labels, two-dimensional barcode labels, and other barcode formats. It functions as an industrial barcode scanner and mobile computer in one. The Zebra MC92N0 can withstand harsh warehouse environments while providing exceptional performance and accuracy. 


This mobile handheld computer features a color screen, gun grip, laser scanner, and more. The MC9090 also has rugged construction to be used safely in different locations and environments. This mobile computer also uses advanced mobile operating systems, including Windows.


The Honeywell CK75 mobile handheld computer offers a cold-storage version that is safe to use in these environments. This mobile computer is also optimized for distribution centers and warehouse environments. It features a rugged design while also being lightweight and smaller for easier handling. 


This Motorola mobile handheld computer offers a powerful, rugged design with better performance and an improved resolution display. This mobile computer provides additional scanning options compared to earlier models. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of warehouse applications.

Lexicon Featured Warehouse Barcode Printers

Zebra 105SL Plus

This industrial printer’s metal construction provides incredible durability in all types of environments. This printer offers higher speeds that are ideal for high-volume printing in warehouses. Other features include more storage and Element Energy Equalizer technology for a longer printhead life cycle. 

Zebra 140xi4

This barcode label printer has a rugged design and outstanding performance for warehouse applications. This printer offers increased print speeds that allow larger batches of labels to be produced. Other features of this printer include a larger screen, different connectivity options, and customizable LCD content.

Zebra 170Xi4

This barcode label printer provides improved print resolution compared to earlier models. It also offers increased productivity with faster print speeds and increased print widths. Other features include all-metal construction, allowing it to withstand harsh environments in warehouses and distribution centers. 

Services for Refurbished Barcode Scanners


Keeping each warehouse barcode scanner in good shape means having prompt repairs done when needed. We offer timely repair services on these devices with fast turnaround times. Our company keeps bulk parts in our warehouse, making it quick and easy to repair or replace components as needed. 


Handheld scanners for warehouse operations must be maintained to keep working. Our maintenance services help extend each barcode reader’s life cycle so you can use them longer. These services include checking for damage or issues and handling them promptly.


We can refurbish your current barcode scanners to help them stay in good condition. This helps you get more use from them. Our refurbishment services restore these devices to like new condition and appearance. We also sell refurbished barcode scanning devices if you need replacements. 

Warehouse Scanning Equipment for Different Applications


Receiving goods in your warehouse requires scanning accuracy right from the start. Whether you need a mobile barcode scanner that reads one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or QR code labels, we have the right devices for your warehouse. These barcode scanners help ensure that each item received is more accurately scanned.


Replenishment and Put Away

Replenishing and putting away stock in your warehouse requires accurate inventory control. This helps ensure that your warehouse runs smoothly with products. We have barcode scanners that can accurately read different types of barcode labels to make this step easier for warehouse workers and help reduce operational costs. 


Selection and Picking 

Selecting and picking items to fulfill orders requires accurate scanning. Lexicon Tech Solutions offers handheld scanners and other kinds of warehouse barcode scanners that can quickly and accurately scan labels. This helps ensure that the correct items are selected and picked while fulfilling orders. 


Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping items is another warehouse application that uses barcode scanners. These scanners help ensure that the correct items are packed and shipped when fulfilling customer orders. We have handheld scanners that can scan different barcode formats. This helps ensure accuracy and improves warehouse efficiency. 


Inventory Control 

Our barcode scanners provide a reliable inventory management system for your warehouse. These devices can read each serial number in different barcode formats more accurately. Using these inventory scanner devices provides a more efficient warehouse management system. 

Equipment for the Toughest Conditions

Barcode Scanners

Lexicon Tech Solutions repairs and refurbishes barcode scanners made to handle the harshest environments. These barcode scanning devices can be exposed to severe weather and extreme temperatures while continuing to function and provide accurate scanning for your warehouse or distribution center. 

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers provide a convenient way for warehouse workers to perform multiple tasks in any environment. At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we offer a few types of mobile computers to fit different needs, including handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted. These different mobile computer devices provide real-time data important for inventory management and other tasks. 

Barcode Printers

A grocery store or small business might need a receipt printer designed for indoor use only. However, the warehouse environment requires barcode printers that can handle rugged conditions. Lexicon Tech Solutions has different types of barcode printers available for warehouses and distribution centers to use. These include desktop, industrial, and mobile. 

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To learn more about our warehouse inventory management solutions for your business, please contact Lexicon Tech Services. Our experts can give you more information on our barcode scanners and services.