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Zebra MC9002

Zebra MC9002

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Repair & Maintenance for Handheld Devices

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers repair, maintenance and refurbishment services for handheld mobile computers in various form factors meant to fit unique application and customer needs. We help customers in transportation and logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, and retail industries keep their portable devices running smoothly in harsh environments for effective inventory management, data collection.

Our services help enterprise businesses keep shipping and fulfillment running smoothly including:
  1. Inventory Management: Handheld computers are used to track inventory levels, record incoming and outgoing shipments, and monitor stock levels. With a handheld computer, employees can quickly scan barcodes or RFID tags to update inventory records in real-time.
  2. Sales and Order Processing: Handheld computers are used to process sales orders, take customer payments, and update customer records. With a handheld computer, sales representatives can access customer information, check product availability, and complete transactions from anywhere.
  3. Asset Tracking: Handheld computers are used to track the location and condition of assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and tools. With a handheld computer, employees can scan asset tags to record asset movements, monitor usage, and schedule maintenance.
  4. Data Collection and Reporting: Handheld computers are used to collect and report data, such as survey results, inspection findings, and quality control data. With a handheld computer, employees can record data in real-time, eliminating the need for paper-based forms and manual data entry.

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