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Honeywell-LXE VX3H

Honeywell-LXE VX3H

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As an industry leader for 25 years in precision repairs for vehicle-mounted devices, Lexicon Tech Solutions delivers the repair, maintenance, and refurbishment solutions that help you cut downtime and maintenance costs.

Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer for Enterprise Applications

Vehicle mount computers are rugged devices designed for forklifts and industrial vehicles to withstand extreme temperature and other tough environments. These devices increase productivity and operational efficiency for warehouse management and other enterprise systems. These computers can also be used for capturing real-time data from barcodes, RFID tags, and other sensors to provide workers with access to critical information and communication tools while on the go. However, even the best devices face wear and tear and hardware issues. Our repair and maintenance services for mobile computers allow for continued powerful application across industries including supply chain, warehouse operations, cold storage, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, industrial environments and more. Contact Lexicon Tech Solutions for a device management solution and third-party maintenance for leading manufacturers.

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