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Honeywell-LXE MX7

$495 per device

The MX7, a product of Honeywell's ingenuity, is a prime example of how technology can be both potent and practical. The versatile handheld computer is specially designed to scan barcodes from a distance of up to 40 feet away with the highest accuracy. Lexicon repairs and refurbishes the Honeywell-LXE MX7 for warehouses and enterprises. We offer contract maintenance plans and one-time repair services to expand and extend the life of your fleet with industry-leading turnaround times.

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Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished products are:

  • Precision repaired and rigorously tested at the component level
  • Cosmetically restored to like-new condition
  • Engineering inspected for performance and endurance
  • Warranted for 90 days for materials and workmanship
  • Eligible for extended coverage

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  • Tailored turn-times at 1-3 days
  • Advance exchange and spare pool management
  • Repair at scale from our US-based state-of-the-art RepairFactory
  • Intelligent routing
  • Value-added logistics & deployment service options
  • End-of-life support
  • Normal wear & tear protection
  • Unlimited accidental coverage
  • RepairEngine® cloud-based technology maintenance platform

Features of the Honeywell MX7:

Long-Range Scanning:

One of the standout features of the MX7 barcode scanner is its ability to capture barcodes from a distance of up to 40 feet, offering unparalleled flexibility in various operational settings.

Ergonomic Design:

The MX7 is crafted with user comfort in mind, featuring lightweight construction, natural handgrip ergonomics tailored for scan-intensive picking, and a convenient hand strap. This design ensures users can operate comfortably throughout the day without fatigue or discomfort.

Rugged Durability:

Built for real-world challenges, the MX7 is robust. Not only can its sturdy construction endure a 5 ft drop onto concrete, but its bright defroster screens also ensure visibility in cold environments, making it suitable for places where accidental drops, knocks, and temperature changes are common.

High-Resolution Display:

The MX7’s QVGA color display is clear and bright, ensuring easy data readability and aiding users in accurate data capture and verification.

Intuitive Interface:

The MX7 is all about user-friendliness. It boasts a key backlit keypad with large keys, a responsive touch screen with an indoor display, and noise-canceling features to aid clear communication in noisy settings. Additionally, with Honeywell’s ToughTalk technology, it supports voice-driven logistic applications.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

The MX7 offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to wirelessly connect to other devices such as printers, and computers. This integration ensures smooth data transfers and operational efficiency.

Power Management:

The MX7’s power supply is designed for long shifts, ensuring that the device remains charged and ready for action, reducing downtime, and boosting productivity.

High-Performance Processor & Open Platform:

The MX7 handheld computer is powered by the XScale® processor and runs on the advanced Windows ® CE 5.0 operating system. This provides an open platform for application development.

Common Maintenance Services for the MX7 Handheld Mobile Computer:

Software Updates:

Keeping the MX7’s firmware and applications updated ensures smooth integration with other systems and enhances security.

Screen and Display Maintenance:

Whether it’s calibrating the touch screen for accurate responsiveness or replacing damaged displays, ensuring the screen’s optimal performance is pivotal for end-user efficiency.

Battery Assessments and Replacements:

The main battery is the lifeblood of the MX7. Regular checks ensure the device remains powered throughout operations, and replacement batteries are vital when batteries start to show signs of wear.

Scanner Diagnostics:

Given the MX7’s prowess in distance scanning, ensuring the scanner’s optimal performance is crucial. This includes cleaning, calibration, and replacements if needed.

Button and Keypad Repairs:

Over time, physical buttons may wear out or become less responsive. Regular checks and repairs ensure consistent data input.

Connectivity Diagnostics:

Ensuring the Wi-Fi and other wireless functionalities are running smoothly for real-time data transfer and seamless communication.

Benefits of a Regular Maintenance Plan for Your MX7 Fleet:


Operational Consistency:

In a business landscape where every moment counts, consistency is paramount. When each MX7 device in a fleet is regularly serviced and maintained, it minimizes the variability in performance among units. This translates to uniform output, predictable timelines, and fewer disruptions.


Cost Savings:

When potential issues are identified early during maintenance checks, they can often be rectified with minimal intervention. Left unchecked, these small problems can compound, leading to significant malfunctions or device failures. The costs associated with emergency repairs, expedited part shipments, or outright replacements are typically much higher than preventive maintenance.


User Satisfaction:

A well-maintained MX7 device not only ensures that tasks can be performed efficiently but also enhances the overall user experience. Devices that lag, malfunction, or frequently encounter errors can be a source of immense frustration for employees, hampering their ability to complete tasks and potentially leading to decreased morale. On the other hand, devices that function seamlessly enable employees to focus on their core responsibilities without unnecessary interruptions.

How Can Lexicon Tech Solutions Help?

At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we recognize the critical role your MX7 fleet holds in your operations. Our team, steeped in the nuances of the Honeywell-LXE MX7, provides unparalleled repair and maintenance expertise. From our technicians, who are MX7 specialists ensuring first-time-right repairs, to our swift turnaround times aimed at reducing your downtime, we prioritize your operational efficiency. Our comprehensive diagnostics ensure no issue is overlooked. We store replacement and OEM parts in our 75,000 sq warehouse so we can promptly service your devices. Choose Lexicon Tech Solutions – not just as a service provider, but as a dedicated partner committed to bolstering the performance and longevity of your MX7 fleet, ensuring your operations glide smoothly. Contact our team today!