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Zebra ZT411

$595 per device

The ZT411 Series printers are rugged and loaded with a standard set of advanced features allowing for use in the widest array of Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Health care and Retail applications. Building on the Z Series' reliability with advancements in print speed, connectivity options, management and support tools, the ZT411 can be integrated into a wide range of environments.

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Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished products are:

  • Precision repaired and rigorously tested at the component level
  • Cosmetically restored to like-new condition
  • Engineering inspected for performance and endurance
  • Warranted for 90 days for materials and workmanship
  • Eligible for extended coverage

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  • Tailored turn-times at 1-3 days
  • Advance exchange and spare pool management
  • Repair at scale from our US-based state-of-the-art RepairFactory
  • Intelligent routing
  • Value-added logistics & deployment service options
  • End-of-life support
  • Normal wear & tear protection
  • Unlimited accidental coverage
  • RepairEngine® cloud-based technology maintenance platform

Standard Features of the Zebra ZT411

Zebra’s ZT411 is the successor to the renowned ZT410 and stands as a testament to the evolution of industrial printers, bringing along an array of new features including a touchscreen display for an intuitive interface and a thin film printhead with E3 (element energy equalizer) for enhanced print quality. The Zebra ZT411 is not just a printer; it’s a commitment to your critical operations’ efficiency and a perfect fit for applications across warehousing, manufacturing, and transportation. Some of the advanced features include:

Enhanced Display:

The ZT411 boasts a 4.3-inch large color touch display, simplifying setup and settings management.

Versatile Printing:

From direct thermal to thermal transfer, the ZT411 caters to diverse printing needs.

Advanced Connectivity:

Featuring Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, the ZT411 seamlessly integrates with various infrastructures.

Robust Construction:

Built to endure tough environments, its bi-fold door and metal frame promise longevity and provide easy access to printer components.

Extended RFID Capabilities:

The ZT411 pushes the boundaries with enhanced RFID printing and encoding capabilities, optimizing inventory management and asset tracking.

Print Widths:

With a maximum print width of 4 inches, improve label sizes and readability.

Common Maintenance and Repair Services

As with any advanced machinery, the ZT411, over time, may encounter certain challenges:

Thin Film Printhead Issues

When you notice uneven or blurred prints, the thin film printhead is often the culprit. Over time, dust, wear, and tear can affect the printhead’s performance, leading to subpar print quality. If not addressed promptly, this issue could escalate and reduce the longevity of your Zebra ZT411 barcode scanner. Our technicians at Lexicon Tech can expertly diagnose and rectify these issues, ensuring that your device prints clearly and efficiently.

Calibration Errors

Calibration errors can manifest as misalignment issues, causing your labels to print inaccurately. This could lead to complications in inventory tracking and management. If your ZT411 is experiencing these issues, Lexicon Tech has the expertise to recalibrate the device and fix any errors, helping you maintain a seamless workflow.

Connectivity Challenges

The Zebra ZT411 is designed to integrate smoothly into various systems, but you may still encounter connectivity challenges when trying to link it with your existing infrastructure. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi connection problem, or issues with Bluetooth or Ethernet connections, our technicians at Lexicon Tech can troubleshoot and resolve these issues, ensuring that your ZT411 works in harmony with your system.

Roller Wear and Tear

The platen roller is a critical component in ensuring that your labels print uniformly. Over time, continuous usage can lead to roller degradation, which affects the quality of your prints. At Lexicon Tech, we specialize in servicing worn-out rollers, replacing or repairing them to restore your device’s print quality to its optimal state.

Firmware Conflicts

Outdated firmware can cause a variety of operational issues, from slow printing to complete malfunction. To ensure your ZT411 performs reliably, it’s essential to keep its firmware up to date. Lexicon Tech offers firmware updating services that can resolve conflicts and improve device performance.

Accidental Damage

Your ZT411 can be prone to accidental damage, from drops and spills to electrical surges. Even with the best of care, accidents can happen, disrupting your operations. Lexicon Tech provides comprehensive repair services for all types of accidental damage. We can handle everything from replacing cracked components to fixing electrical issues, getting your ZT411 back in working order as quickly as possible.

Why should your organization invest in Zebra ZT411 Maintenance?


Operational Excellence

Maintaining your ZT411 Zebra printers is essential for optimal business operations. Regular care ensures superior print quality, crucial for barcodes and RFID tags. It prevents unexpected printer breakdowns, allowing for consistent and fast performance. Especially in critical sectors like healthcare or supply chain, a reliable printer is key. With fewer printer issues, employees can focus better, boosting overall productivity.


Economic Value & ROI

Investing in regular maintenance for your ZT411 printers goes beyond just averting technology issues; it’s a strategic move to optimize financial gains. By periodically servicing and inspecting your printers, you not only enhance their durability but also significantly extend their operational lifespan. While there’s an upfront cost to maintenance, it’s a financially prudent decision as it prevents larger expenses related to significant repairs or replacements down the line. Moreover, well-maintained printers operate efficiently, minimizing waste of materials and leading to tangible cost savings. Additionally, keeping your printers updated with the latest software not only taps into cutting-edge, secure features but also prevents potential challenges in the future.


Prestige & Quality Assurance

The quality of your printed materials directly reflects your brand’s reputation. Regular maintenance guarantees consistently high-quality prints, boosting your brand’s image, especially in client-facing situations. Staying updated with software safeguards sensitive data, ensuring the integrity of your print materials. Additionally, minimizing waste and streamlining the printing process showcases your commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Why Choose Lexicon Tech for ZT411 Repair and Maintenance?

Lexicon Tech Solutions is your trusted partner when your ZT411 requires expert care. With a deep understanding of the ZT411’s intricacies, our experienced technicians ensure quick operation and optimal print resolution. Committed to the highest standards, we only utilize genuine parts, guaranteeing both durability and peak printer performance. Recognizing the critical nature of maintaining workflow continuity, we prioritize a swift turnaround to get your ZT411 up and running promptly.

Entrust your Zebra ZT Printers to Lexicon Tech Solutions and experience unparalleled service quality.