Printer Maintenance

Lexicon Tech offers reliable printer maintenance for a wide range of printer types and manufacturers. Whether you need preventative maintenance on a laser printer, inkjet printer, or thermal printer, we can help you set up a service plan to fit the needs of your organization or business.

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Having dependable printers is essential to run smooth operations. Even high-quality printers can develop problems without regular maintenance. Routine printer maintenance can help reduce the risk of encountering issues. 

Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech offers third party printer maintenance for several manufacturers and models, including Intermec, Zebra, HP, Datamax, and Sato.

Third-Party Maintenance Solution for Printers

Lexicon Tech can provide reliable maintenance for your network printer, multifunction printer, or other printers. Our A+ certified technicians get a thorough look at your printer, check the print head and other parts, and make repairs as needed. From a simple nozzle check and test print to more complex repairs, our team’s expertise and excellent service make us a leading repair facility.

Authorized Repair Service Center

Intermec Printer Repair

Lexicon Tech offers service plan options for Intermec printer repairs, including industrial and mobile printers. Printer maintenance services ensure your Intermec printers function properly on a regular basis. Replacement parts are readily available, so you don’t have to wait long to have repairs done on your Intermec printers.

Zebra Printer Repair

Whether you have a desktop, industrial, or mobile Zebra printer, Lexicon Tech can keep it running. Our certified technicians are trained to handle repairs for several models of Zebra printers. We also keep replacement parts for Zebra printers in our warehouse for quick repairs.

HP Printer Repair

At Lexicon Tech, we can keep your HP LaserJet printer or other HP printers in good working condition at all times. We order bulk replacement parts for HP LaserJet printers and other HP printers to ensure timely repairs. Our technicians can repair a wide range of HP desktop printer models. 

Datamax Printer Repair

When you need repairs or maintenance for your Datamax industrial or mobile printer, our TPM services can help. Our team can replace printer parts as needed or perform routine maintenance to help extend the life of your Datamax printers, even when OEM support ends.

Sato Printer Repair

At Lexicon Tech, our team has the knowledge needed to maintain and repair Sato industrial printers. When your business or organization needs regular maintenance or a quick fix for your Sato printers, you can depend on us for help. 

Hardware Support with Lexicon Tech

Extend the Life of Hardware

Lexicon Tech helps you get more mileage out of your equipment. As a third-party maintenance provider, we can service your equipment, make prompt repairs, or replace parts as needed. We are electrostatic discharge (ESD) certified as well, which can help extend the life of your equipment and devices. 

30-40% Less Than the OEM

Our third-party maintenance solution offers lower costs for service compared to OEM support. In fact, our cost savings are generally between 30 to 40 percent of OEM maintenance costs. This can help your business save money on equipment expenses, especially on equipment that you’ve had for a few years or more.

Streamlined Support

When you rely on Lexicon Tech for service, your business can have all equipment maintenance under one roof. Instead of having to find a different TPM provider for different manufacturers and models, you can turn to us for all of your hardware support needs.

Replacement Parts

At Lexicon Tech, we purchase equipment parts in bulk, then store them in our 75,000 square foot warehouse. Having these parts on hand helps expedite the repair process, so you don’t have to wait for repairs. Storing these spare parts also helps lower the risk of having parts become unavailable for repairs over time.

Expert Opinion

Our team at Lexicon Tech includes highly trained technicians. All technicians are trained for the exact device on which they perform repair and maintenance on. Our A+ certified technicians and engineers have 14 certifications, including certification on each device model that we support. When your original warranty period runs out, you can count on our experts to service your equipment

5-Day Turn Time

With a maintenance contract from Lexicon Tech, you don’t have to wait weeks for repairs or replacement parts. We offer a 5-day turn time with our standard maintenance contracts. Since we purchase parts in bulk and store them, we can easily repair or replace parts within a shorter time frame.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Lexicon Tech offers a basic printer maintenance contract that includes normal wear and tear, along with options to customize your service plan. Our standard printer maintenance contract covers normal wear and tear. Our comprehensive service plan covers new main boards, and we will replace your printer if it isn’t crushed and doesn’t have water damage.

  • Unlimited printer repairs
  • 5-day turn time for printer repairs
  • Access to RepairEngine® tracking and analytics
  • U.S.-based technical support
  • All printer repairs undergo QA before being returned. We fix the reported issue and any unreported issues
  • We offer annual contracts up to 5 years in length
  • Lexicon bulk orders replacement parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays
  • 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse

How TPM Services Fit in Your Printer Lifecycle

0-3 Years

Support from the original printer manufacturer is available at this stage. This support is included in some cases or can be purchased separately. While your new printer has OEM support, you can begin to explore TPM options for later on. This helps good print quality as your equipment becomes older. 

3-6 Years

This stage of the printer lifecycle is generally stable with few issues developing. This stage often includes both OEM support and TPM support. You might have OEM support for quick fix repairs and TPM support for regular maintenance, such as print head cleaning.

3-6 Years

During this stage, OEM support for printers starts to near its end of service date. You should look into getting a service plan with a TPM service provider at this point. From replacing worn print head nozzles to repairing a damaged fuser assembly, TPM service can keep your printers functioning.

9-12+ Years

OEM support is usually unavailable at this stage, making TPM support even more important. Having a service plan in place for your printer model helps ensure that you receive prompt repairs and have access to replacement parts as needed, including the printer driver, transfer roller, printer head, separation pad, and ink nozzle.

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For more information on TPM support for your equipment, please contact Lexicon Tech Solutions.