Refurbished Zebra Printers

Zebra printers offer reliability and superior print quality, making them a valuable part of many warehouses, medical facilities, distribution centers, schools, and other businesses and facilities. However, buying brand new printers can quickly add up over time. Purchasing refurbished Zebra printers helps organizations and businesses save money, reduce downtime, and prevent a loss of productivity, while also ensuring the highest performance for printing labels, documents, IDs, and more.

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers refurbished products, including Zebra industrial printers, which provides an excellent way for your organization or business to keep costs down and have dependable, high-quality equipment.

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Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech Solutions provides support services for Zebra products, including refurbished printers.

Third Party Service Provider for Zebra Printers

Desktop Printer 

When you need a refurbished Zebra thermal printer or other desktop printer repaired or if you need maintenance done, Lexicon Tech is here to help. Our third party maintenance (TPM) services for refurbished desktop printers include repairs with a fast turnaround time, as well as preventative maintenance. 

Industrial Printer

Lexicon Tech offers TPM services for industrial printers from Zebra, including refurbished printers. Industrial printers undergo regular wear and tear from daily usage, making it important to have them maintained regularly and repaired promptly when needed. Our techs can service Zebra industrial printers for your facility or business. 

Mobile Printer 

When your facility or business uses Zebra mobile printer products, such as a barcode label printer, we have a team of certified technicians available to handle repairs and maintenance. This kind of technical support helps keep Zebra mobile printers, including refurbished printers, in good condition over the years. 

Printer Refurbishing Process with Lexicon Tech

Micro-Chip Repair

This includes repairing each part of the mainboard to ensure that your refurbished Zebra LP product functions like new and offers reliable performance.

Performance Testing

Our technicians conduct testing to ensure that your refurbished thermal printer, barcode printer, or other Zebra printer meets quality standards, especially for high volume printing.

Plastics Engineering

Lexicon Tech is able to make repairs to cracked or broken external components or recreate them as needed, which improves their appearance and functionality.

Scrupulous Cleanse

This involves applying cleansing techniques and solutions to refurbished Zebra printer products to restore their original appearance, which helps them look as good as new.

Buffing and Polishing

We buff and polish the plastic or metal frame of your barcode label printer, thermal transfer printer, or other refurbished printer to remove scratches.


We use specially formulated hardware paint to provide durability. Our techs also use custom mixed paints to achieve the ideal color match for refurbished Zebra products.

Assembly and Test

Our technicians reassemble each Zebra printer, then conduct performance testing to ensure that these devices earn the Lexicon Certified quality seal


Each refurbished Zebra thermal label printer, barcode printer, or other printer that earns the Lexicon Certified quality seal is carefully packaged for shipping and effortless setup. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Our basic maintenance contract for refurbished Zebra printers covers regular wear and tear, and you have the option to customize this plan. Our standard contract for refurbished Zebra printers covers regular wear and tear, and the comprehensive contract includes new main boards. The comprehensive contract also includes replacement printers for printers that haven’t had water damage or been crushed. 

  • Repairs on refurbished Zebra printers
  • 5-day turnaround time 
  • Access to RepairEngine® tracking and analytics
  • U.S-based support
  • Warranty on refurbished Zebra printers for contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified
  • A+ certified techs
  • 75,000 square foot warehouse 
  • All refurbished Zebra printer repairs undergo QA before being returned. Our techs fix not only the reported issues, but unreported issues as well
  • We offer annual contracts on refurbished Zebra printers up to 5 years in length 
  • Bulk order Zebra printer parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays 

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years

Brand new printers usually come with OEM support or the option to purchase it. Even with OEM support, you should begin to look into TPM support options, which can help save you money at a later point. Whether you have a barcode label printer, thermal transfer printer, or tag printer, you’ll eventually need TPM support for your equipment. 

3-6 Years

You might have OEM support for Zebra printers at this stage, but choosing TPM support can save you money. When combined with refurbished purchases, TPM support can significantly reduce your expenses. Keep in mind that your printer’s warranty from the OEM might not be valid at this point.

6-9 Years

From high speed printers that produce a large print volume to printers for smaller volumes, it’s important to have TPM support lined up at this stage. With OEM support ending, TPM support can help ensure that you have timely repairs, replacement laser toner cartridges as needed, and regular maintenance to ensure print speed and quality.

9-12+ Years

Using TPM at this point offers ease of service, since OEM support is likely to no longer be available. Whether you need optimal prints for shipping labels, ID products, or documents, TPM service with a satisfaction guarantee can help ensure that your Zebra printers keep functioning past their expected life cycle. 

Industry Applications for Refurbished Zebra


Our TPM support for hardware can help keep your IT business up and running. Our technicians can perform timely repairs or replace parts as needed.


With our third-party maintenance, we can help keep your warehouse equipment and devices running smoothly. This helps reduce the risk of delays and other problems in your warehouse.


Equipment failures can lead to serious problems for manufacturing companies. At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we move quickly to repair devices and equipment in manufacturing companies.


Having reliable equipment is a vital part of the logistics industry. Lexicon Tech Solutions purchases spare parts in bulk and makes prompt repairs to keep equipment functioning properly.

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When you’re looking for used Zebra printers, please contact Lexicon Tech Solutions about our refurbished Zebra printer products, which include a 3 month warranty or 90-day warranty.