Honeywell Repair Services

Honeywell products are made to be durable and reliable when used for scanning items, printing labels, and performing other tasks in industrial facilities, warehouses, and other facilities. Damage can occur from wear and tear or accidents, such as dropping a handheld terminal or barcode scanner. Lexicon Tech offers dependable Honeywell repair services in the United States for these mobile devices. With timely repairs done by knowledgeable technicians, business owners can rely on Lexicon to have Honeywell products functioning again quickly.

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Supported OEMs

At Lexicon Tech, our support services include repairs for Honeywell products, as well as other OEMs.

Third Party Service Provider for Honeywell Repair

Maintenance Services

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers preventative maintenance services for Honeywell products, including scanners and printers. These services help keep Honeywell devices in good condition, even as they reach the later stages of their equipment lifecycle. Preventative maintenance on
these products helps identify repairs that need to be made and keeps them working longer.

Replacement Services

When Honeywell printers or scanners have significant damage or when they have reached the end of their lifecycle, Lexicon Tech Solutions offers replacement services. These services provide customers with replacement devices when the original device can no longer be used. Replacement services also include replacement parts for damaged components, such as touchscreens.

Support Services

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers reliable support services for Honeywell mobile computer devices, including handheld scanners and printers. Customers can receive service to keep their Honeywell devices up and running, whether they are new devices or older ones. These support
services for Honeywell products can help businesses reduce equipment costs over time.

Printer Repair Service with Lexicon Tech

Component Repair

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers component repair service for Honeywell products. We use specialized microelectronics, including X-ray inspected welds and BGA work, to perform this type of repair. Component level repair service from our certified and trained technicians can help extend the life of your Honeywell printers and scanners, so you can wait longer to replace them.

System Level Repair

In some cases, Honeywell printers and scanners need repairs done at the system level. Our technicians can make these repairs on your devices in order to get them functioning again. We use leading-class technology to ensure that your Honeywell mobile computer devices continue working for years before needing to be replaced. 

Extend the Life of Hardware

Companies can spend a considerable amount of money on Honeywell handheld scanners and barcode printers. With a service contract from Lexicon Tech Solutions, we can perform repairs and maintenance to extend the life of your Honeywell equipment. With this maintenance and repair service agreement, you can keep using these devices longer. 

30-40% Less Than the OEM

Keeping your company’s operational cost low means finding ways to save money on equipment repair. Lexicon Tech Solutions offers third party maintenance (TPM), which costs up to 40 percent less than OEM maintenance and repairs. These lower costs can lead to significant savings for your company over the years. 

Streamlined Support

At Lexicon Tech Solutions, our service center is set up to handle repairs and preventative maintenance for Honeywell and other manufacturers. This means your business can use Lexicon services to support all or most of your devices, including scanners and printers from other manufacturers. This streamlined support is highly convenient for warehouses and other businesses. 

Replacement Parts

As part of our business practice, we order replacement parts in bulk. This allows us to have greater access to parts as needed when making repairs to your Honeywell devices. Replacement parts for Honeywell scanners and printers are stored safely in our warehouse. Having these parts available ensures prompt repairs. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

We offer a basic maintenance contract for Honeywell products with the option to customize your plan. Our standard contract for Honeywell printers and scanners covers normal wear and tear. Our comprehensive contract for Honeywell devices covers new main boards and includes device replacement, as long as yours aren’t crushed and don’t have water damage.

  • Unlimited Honeywell repairs
  • Under 10-day turn time
  • Access to RepairEngine® tracking and analytics
  • U.S.-based support
  • Warranty for contact term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified
  • A+ certified techs
  • All Honeywell repairs undergo QA before being returned. We fix reported issues and unreported issues
  • We offer annual contracts up to 5 years in length
  • Bulk order Honeywell parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays
  • 75,000-sq. ft. Warehouse

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years

Honeywell products might have OEM support in this early part of their lifecycle, but you might have to buy it separately. Depending on whether or not OEM support is included with your Honeywell printers and scanners, you might look into third party maintenance service options now instead of waiting longer. .

3-6 Years

Although Honeywell devices might not need repairs at this point, it’s fairly easy to find replacement parts as needed. Keep in mind that OEM support starts to get more costly as your devices get older. This part of the lifecycle is a good time to explore TPM options for Honeywell

6-9 Years

Since your Honeywell products are older, they might begin experiencing signs of wear and tear. Replacement parts aren’t hard to find during this stage, but you can expect to pay higher costs for OEM support services. TPM services are generally more affordable during this part of your Honeywell product lifecycle.

9-12+ Years

This is the last part of your devices’ lifecycle, which means OEM support typically is no longer available. You should set up TPM support if you haven’t done so by this point. TPM services can keep your older Honeywell products working longer, so that you don’t have to replace them
just yet.

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