Symbol Scanner Repair

Symbol Motorola barcode scanners provide efficiency and convenience for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses. Having repair options for your barcode scanner helps ensure that it is fixed in a timely manner. Lexicon Tech offers dependable Symbol Motorola barcode scanner service and barcode printer repairs. 

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Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech provides barcode scanner repair services for Symbol Motorola devices, as well as other OEMS, such as Zebra and Intermec.

Third Party Service Provider for Barcode Scanner Repair

Barcode Scanners 

Lexicon Tech provides prompt and reliable repair services for barcode scanners. From flatbed scanner repair to hand-held scanner repair, each Lexicon technician has many years of experience with these repairs. We can replace a damaged touch screen or handle other hardware issues with this type of device to get it working again. 

Barcode Printers 

Each technician has the training needed to perform printer repair services. From minor or major repairs for label printers to thermal-transfer printer problems, every client can count on Lexicon Tech for timely printer repair services. We offer a quick turnaround time to ensure that clients are able to start using their barcode printers as soon as possible.

Barcode Readers 

Barcode readers can sustain physical damage when they are used on a daily basis. At Lexicon Tech, we offer dependable, high-quality repairs for this type of device. Our technicians are able to assess barcode reader damage quickly and make prompt repairs. This helps get these devices back up and running without any significant delays.

Printer Repair Service with Lexicon Tech

Component Level Repair 

Lexicon Tech can repair printers and scanners at the component level thanks to specialized microelectronics. When these devices end up with hardware damage, our technicians can make repairs to the affected components or replace them as needed. We order replacement parts in bulk for our warehouse, which helps ensure quick repairs instead of long delays

System Level Repair 

Our professional services at Lexicon Tech include system level repair for barcode printers and scanners. Making these repairs as soon as possible can help Symbol Motorola devices, as well as devices from other OEMs last longer. Our technicians can evaluate damaged printers to determine if system level repair services are needed. 

Extend the Life of Hardware

With replacement parts, prompt repairs, and component and system level repair services, printers and scanners can end up with an extended lifespan. This helps businesses save money on equipment costs, since they can wait longer before having to purchase new equipment. An extended lifespan allows them to get more use out of barcode printers and scanners. 

30-40% Less Than the OEM

Using TPM services from Lexicon Tech instead of OEM services helps warehouses and other businesses reduce repair costs year after year. Our TPM services cost significantly less than OEM repair services, even for major repairs. We also guarantee fast turnaround times and high-quality repairs done by certified and trained technicians.

Streamlined Support

Lexicon Tech Solutions has the capacity to repair and maintain a wide range of barcode scanners, printers, and readers from different manufacturers. This makes it easy for businesses to have all repairs and maintenance done under one roof for different models and manufacturers. This streamlined support provides a high amount of convenience.

Replacement Parts

As part of our commitment to timely repairs, we order replacement parts in bulk. We store these parts in our warehouse, which makes them easily accessible when repairs are needed. Ordering bulk replacement parts allows us to offer each client fast turnaround times for barcode scanner and printer repair services. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Lexicon Tech offers a basic maintenance contract for Symbol scanners, along with customization options. The Symbol scanner basic maintenance contract covers regular wear and tear, while the comprehensive plan includes new main boards. We will replace the device if it does not have water damage and hasn’t been crushed.

  • Unlimited Symbol scanner repairs
  • Under 10-day turnaround time 
  • Access to RepairEngine® tracking and analytics 
  • U.S.-based support for Symbol scanners
  • Warranty for contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified 
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified 
  • A+ certified techs 
  • All Symbol scanner repairs undergo QA before being returned. We fix not only the reported issue, but any unreported issues as well
  • We offer annual contracts up to 5 years in length 
  • Bulk order parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays 
  • 75,000 square foot warehouse

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years

TPM services for Symbol Motorola barcode scanners and other devices might not be needed at this lifecycle stage. OEM support is usually available for these devices, although it might need to be purchased separately. Businesses can start exploring TPM options toward the end of this stage or earlier if needed.

3-6 Years

During this lifecycle stage, TPM services are typically more cost-effective compared to OEM services. Scanners and other barcode devices tend to have few problems during this stage. If problems do occur, though, replacement parts are generally easy to find. Lexicon Tech Solutions keeps replacement parts handy in our 75,000 square foot warehouse.

6-9 Years

With this lifecycle stage, devices begin to approach their end of life and end of service life dates for OEM service. TPM services become much more important and affordable at this stage. As devices get older, potential issues can develop. However, replacement parts are still easy to access at this time. 

9-12+ Years

Once barcode scanners and other devices reach this stage, OEM service is usually not available anymore. Businesses often need to rely on TPM services exclusively for repairs and maintenance for these older devices. TPM support can help these devices last longer than expected, so that companies do not have to replace them right away.

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