Zebra Printer Repair

Healthcare facilities, schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other organizations and businesses rely on printers for important documents, receipts, and other paperwork. Zebra printers are made to be highly reliable, but they can end up requiring printer repair services. Having access to timely and convenient Zebra printer repair services is essential in order to reduce the risk of disruptions and productivity loss.

Lexicon Tech provides dependable, high-quality Zebra printer repair and preventative maintenance to keep these devices up and running. From mobile printer repairs to desktop thermal printer and industrial printer repairs, Lexicon service engineers have years of experience that customers can rely on. 

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Supported OEMs

Lexicon Tech is a trusted repair provider for Zebra printers, including barcode label printers and mobile computer printers. 


Third Party Service Provider for Zebra Printers

Desktop Printer Maintenance 

Our service technicians provide routine desktop printer maintenance as a third party provider. Our printer support helps ensure that desktop printers have repairs done as soon as possible, as well as regular maintenance to prevent problems. This desktop thermal printer service minimizes downtime and helps keep Zebra desktop printers running smoothly. 

Industrial Printer Maintenance 

Industrial printers undergo significant wear and tear, which can shorten their lifecycle. Our Zebra technicians perform routine maintenance on Zebra label printers and other industrial printers to extend their lifecycle. This technical support and maintenance ensures that Zebra industrial printers are able to continue operating efficiently.

Mobile Printer Maintenance 

Mobile printers can become worn or damaged as they are handled in warehouses and other facilities on a daily basis. Our Zebra printer repair specialist team can provide routine maintenance and quick repairs when needed to improve their functioning and lower the risk of frequent or severe problems. 

Printer Repair Service with Lexicon Tech

Component Level Repair

Lexicon Tech has repair technicians available to repair or replace components as needed. From Zebra thermal printer components to barcode scanner components and ID card printer components, each technician has the skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality repair service. This helps keep Zebra equipment working over the years. 

System Level Repair

Our premier Zebra repair service include system level repair for Zebra printers. These repairs can be done in a timely manner to reduce downtime in businesses and organizations. Each printer repair specialist at Lexicon Tech has the training and experience required to perform system level repair properly. 

Extend the Life of Hardware

A Zebra thermal transfer printer, barcode printer, ID card printer, or other printer is made to function for at least a few years before needing to be replaced. However, having preventative maintenance and prompt printer repair services done can extend the life of this hardware. 

30-40% Less Than the OEM

Having maintenance and repairs done through the OEM can be costly, especially as Zebra printers reach the end of their support life cycle. At Lexicon Tech, our repair center can handle these same services at a much lower cost as a third-party provider. This can help businesses and organizations reduce overhead costs. 

Streamlined Support

Our service department is able to repair and maintain different types of Zebra equipment, including Zebra barcode printers, thermal printers, mobile printers, and more. This helps provide businesses and organizations with streamlined support. Keep in mind that we offer repair and maintenance for other Zebra equipment as well. 

Replacement Parts

When Zebra printers need parts replaced, Lexicon Tech is able to do this with a quick turnaround time. We stock replacement parts in bulk in our warehouse, which helps ensure that they are readily available when needed. This helps reduce the length of time clients wait to have Zebra parts replaced. 

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Lexicon Tech offers basic maintenance contracts for Zebra printers, which include wear and tear, but they can be customized. Basic maintenance contracts for Zebra printers include wear and tear, while comprehensive Zebra printer maintenance contracts cover new main boards. Lexicon Tech also replaces the equipment if it’s not crushed or damaged by water. 

  • Unlimited Zebra printer repairs
  • 5-day turnaround time 
  • Access to RepairEngine® tracking and analytics
  • U.S.-based support for Zebra printers 
  • Warranty for contract term
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified 
  • ESD (electrostatic damage) certified 
  • A+ certified techs 
  • 75,000-square foot warehouse
  • All Zebra printer repairs undergo QA before being returned. We fix the reported issue and any unreported issues as well. 
  • We offer annual Zebra printer contracts up to 5 years in length 
  • Bulk order Zebra printer parts at start of contract to avoid repair delays 

How TPM Services Fit in Your Equipment Lifecycle

0-3 Years

During this stage, OEM support is typically used, since devices are new. OEM support is often included with the purchase of new Zebra printers. Businesses and organizations can explore third-party maintenance (TPM) solutions as an alternative, especially when equipment reaches later lifecycle stages.

3-6 Years

OEM support usually becomes more cost-prohibitive during this stage, since equipment is no longer new. Businesses and organizations can turn to TPM solutions for Zebra printer maintenance and support in order to reduce costs. Replacement parts are also still easy to find during this stage.

6-9 Years

During this stage, OEM support might not be offered anymore, which makes TPM support solutions even more important. TPM support can help businesses and organizations extend their Zebra printer hardware, so that this equipment does not have to be replaced until a later date.

9-12+ Years

Zebra printers in this stage are near the end of their lifecycle. Timely repairs and maintenance from a TPM provider can help keep this equipment running. Keep in mind that these services are important, since security risks and severe damage are more likely to occur at this stage.


Our TPM support for hardware can help keep your IT business up and running. Our technicians can perform timely repairs or replace parts as needed.


With our third-party maintenance, we can help keep your warehouse equipment and devices running smoothly. This helps reduce the risk of delays and other problems in your warehouse.


Equipment failures can lead to serious problems for manufacturing companies. At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we move quickly to repair devices and equipment in manufacturing companies.


Having reliable equipment is a vital part of the logistics industry. Lexicon Tech Solutions purchases spare parts in bulk and makes prompt repairs to keep equipment functioning properly.

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