How to Resolve Zebra ZT410 Media Out Error

Overview of the Zebra ZT410 Printer

The Zebra ZT410 printer is one of the most versatile printers in Zebra’s popular Z series. You’ll find far-reaching applications in retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. It provides thermal transfer and direct thermal printing solutions for businesses looking to optimize their barcode printing process as well as continuous and non-continuous label options. 

Compared to previous models, the ZT410 has upped the ante when it comes to management and support tools, connectivity options, and print speed advancements. It can be connected to any device via USB, ethernet, RS-232 serial, and Bluetooth. The side-loading print mechanism makes switching out media much easier, and its bi-fold media door decreases operating space quite significantly.

All in all, the Zebra ZT410 is a user-friendly, space-saving option that many businesses have come to rely on. That makes things all the more frustrating when a ZT410 printer stops functioning properly.

The Media Out error is one of the most common that ZT410 users will encounter. Below, we’ll explain what this error means, why it happens, and what you can do about it.  

What is the Zebra ZT410 Printer Media Out Error?

The Media Out error is a catch-all error message that pops up when the ZT410 can’t print due to one of several problems with the media it’s set to print on.

An error will occur in the Zebra ZT410 printer if any of these conditions exist:

  • the media isn’t loaded at all
  • the media isn’t loaded correctly
  • the printer is set to the wrong media type
  • the media sensor is misaligned

Any of these problems will stop the machine and it will not be able to proceed with printing until the issue is resolved. So when you receive this error message, start by verifying media-related settings. 

Thankfully, the manufacturer has made it easy to identify and fix errors, ensuring your customer experience remains positive. Often a quick check is all it takes to restore the full function of the printer. 

Common Causes of Media Out Errors in Zebra ZT410 Printer

Most of the time, your business can continue using its printers efficiently by addressing the common issues listed below. If you work through this list and your Zebra ZT410 printer still isn’t functioning, then it’s time to call in the pros. (That’s us, by the way!)

The media is not loaded.

Always check to make sure you have loaded the media into the Zebra ZT410 printer before attempting to operate. If the media isn’t loaded into the printer at all, an error will occur and you will not be able to proceed with printing. 

Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix: simply find the media you wish to print on and load it in.

The media is not loaded correctly.

Another reason you may receive the Media Out error on your Zebra ZT410 printer is that the media currently loaded into the printer hasn’t been loaded correctly. This will result in an error code, necessitating troubleshooting on the part of the user. 

If your printer has media already loaded, double check that the media fits and aligns properly. Removing and then reloading the media is a good strategy.

The printer is set to the wrong media type.

When the printer is set to the wrong media type, an error will show on the display screen. Because the ZT410 is so versatile, it can accommodate a wide range of media types. But if it’s set to print on a different media type than is loaded, results range from subpar printing to an error message like this one.

Make sure that the printer is set to precisely the type and size of media you’re using so that proper printing can proceed.

The media sensor is misaligned.

If you’re still getting a Media Out error even though you’ve double checked that the media is loaded correctly and the printer is set to the right media type, there could be an issue with the media sensor. If it gets misaligned, a Media Out error will occur. 

The media sensor reads the gaps in between the labels to guarantee accurate printing. If the media sensor is out of place, your labels will print incorrectly (or will fail to print entirely if you get the Media Out error). Align the media sensor before restarting the print process. 

How to Resolve ZT410 Media Out Error

See below for more detailed instructions on how to resolve each of these causes for Media Out error message.

Load media correctly. 

  1. Start by carefully lifting the media door and opening the print head. 
  2. Slide the media guide out, followed by the media supply guide. 
  3. Place your media of choice on the media supply hanger. 
  4. Feed the media under the dancer assembly, through the media sensor, and under the print head. 
  5. Push the roll back into place. 
  6. Slide in the media supply guide and then slide in the media guide and return to their original positions. 
  7. Place the ribbon on the ribbon supply spindle and push it back. 
  8. Bring the ribbon under the print head and wrap it around the ribbon takeup spindle. Turn the spindle to remove any extra ribbon slack. 
  9. Finish off by closing the printhead and then press pause to enable printing.

For extra support, please view this video from the manufacturer. 

If you need to open the printhead to load or change out media, the manufacturer suggests that you follow safety measures including removing rings, watches, and hanging necklaces that could interfere with the printhead. While you’re not required to turn off the printer to change out media, it is recommended as a precaution. It is also advised that you allow the printhead to cool before touching it, as it can be hot enough to cause severe burns.

Install proper media type.

Be certain you are using the correct media type for each specific print job. If you use the wrong label type or label size, you will not be able to proceed with printing. There are three primary media types:

  • Continuous media comes in a plain roll and doesn’t have any indication of separation or a gap. 
  • Non-continuous media are individual labels fixed on a continuous liner with separations or gaps in between each label. 
  • Direct thermal transfer labels are labels that don’t require any ribbon to produce printing. 

Verify that the correct sensor is used.

Make sure you have verified that the correct sensor has been selected for use with your particular media type. Use the mark sensor for media with a black bar on the backing. Use the gap or notch sensor for gap, notch, or hole media.

Check the media sensor position.

Open the printhead and turn the printer power on. Locate the movable sensor’s red light. Align the red light so that the printer can view a consistent interlabel gap. See this visual aid for additional help identifying and fixing the media sensor position.

Check the maximum label length.

Set the maximum label length to at least 1.0 inches (25.4mm) larger than the length of the label plus the size of the interlabel gap. The printer will not be able to calibrate correctly if the value of the label length is set smaller than the actual length of the label. It will assume that continuous media is loaded and it will not be able to calibrate correctly. Be mindful that the ZT410 printer allows for a maximum label width of 104mm.

Calibrate the printer.

There are two types of calibration for the Zebra ZT410 printer: auto-calibration and manual calibration. It is recommended to recalibrate your printer whenever you change the media type. See this video for help with auto-calibration and this video for extra assistance with manual calibration.

What To Do if Calibrating Fails

If printer calibration fails, perform a media sensor cleaning and re-run calibration. Use a can of air duster to carefully clean the media compartment and then wipe any residue or paper lint away with a soft dry cloth. Run the calibration again. 

If these fixes don’t work, it may be time to get more help.

When is repair the right choice?

If you have attempted troubleshooting your Zebra ZT410 printer issue without success, you may need outside support. A professional tech solutions partner will be able to direct you toward further troubleshooting or will be able to recommend a machine repair solution.

When is it time to replace a ZT410?

A well-maintained Zebra printer should be able to print up to 10 million labels before replacement is needed, but every piece of technology has an end of useful life.

If all troubleshooting and repair options have been exhausted, it may be time to replace your Zebra ZT410 printer.

Is refurbishment an option?

Yes: it is sometimes possible to have your machine professionally refurbished to avoid the cost of a new printer. Refurbished models include a new printhead and should run with ease.

Contact Lexicon Tech Solutions for Third-Party Maintenance

If you’ve reached the end of DIY options for addressing issues with your Zebra ZT410 printer, the Lexicon team is here for you. We offer third-party maintenance, printer repair, and refurbishment services to customers across the enterprise and in K-12 education. If you’re in need of a professional partner for your technology needs, reach out now.

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