Searching for a New or Refurbished ZEBRA ZT or QLn Series Printer?

You’re not alone.

Lexicon customer service representatives have been seeing an uptick in requests for refurbished Zebra ZT and Zebra QLn series printers and for good reason. Both series are known as workhorses – easy to integrate and ideal for use in the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation and logistic spaces. 

Owing to continuing supply chain difficulties, Zebra and other OEMs are struggling to get new devices to market which, in turn, causes a dearth of devices available for refurbishment. 

If you’re currently seeking refurbished ZT or QLn series of printers, we invite you to talk to us about our repair and maintenance plans that can help extend the life and use of your current devices. 

Lexicon ZT220 printer repair and. maintenance contracts
Lexicon can repair all Zebra ZT and QLn series printers

Flat-rate repairs are a standard jumping off point to introduce Lexicon and our services to new customers. The real savings, however, comes with annual maintenance contracts. These annual maintenance agreements offer 5-day average turn times with unlimited repairs  and warranty for your contract term. In addition, all devices sent to Lexicon for repair undergo a rigorous quality assurance inspection before being returned. We fix not only the reported issue, but any unreported issues as well, saving you the time and hassle of having to return a device for a new failure point. 

We bulk store parts in our 75,000 sf warehouse to forgo parts inventory delays, and our A+ certified technicians perform component-level repairs in our ISO 9001:2015 U.S.-based certified facility.

How much can you save?

Last year, one of our retail accounts saved $35,281.00 ($104 per repair) by choosing an annual contract as opposed to a flat-rate for each repair.

Again, if you’re seeking refurbished ZT or QLn printers, we invite you to talk to us about repair services that can keep your current devices up and running until the supply chain has smoothed out. 

Contact us at for questions or a quote. We’re happy to be of any assistance!

Repairs & Maintenance Zebra ZT and QLn Series:

Zebra QLn220™

Zebra QLn320™

Zebra QLn420™

Zebra ZT210™

Zebra ZT220™

Zebra ZT230™

Zebra ZT410™

Zebra ZT420™

Zebra ZT510™

Zebra ZT610™

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