Flat-Rate Repair Service

Zebra WT6000

$495 per device

The wrist-mounted WT6000 wearable mobile computer fits every worker for superior comfort, durability, and productivity. Lexicon repairs WT6000 devices as well as offers contract maintenance plans to expand and extend the life of your fleet. We offer industry-leading turn times for flat-rate and contract repair.

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Certified Refurbished

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Lexicon-Certified™ Refurbished products are:

  • Precision repaired and rigorously tested at the component level
  • Cosmetically restored to like-new condition
  • Engineering inspected for performance and endurance
  • Warranted for 90 days for materials and workmanship
  • Eligible for extended coverage

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Maintenance Plan

Protect your fleet of Zebra WT6000s indefinitely

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$15per device
per month

All benefits of Repair, PLUS...

  • Tailored turn-times at 1-3 days
  • Advance exchange and spare pool management
  • Repair at scale from our US-based state-of-the-art RepairFactory
  • Intelligent routing
  • Value-added logistics & deployment service options
  • End-of-life support
  • Normal wear & tear protection
  • Unlimited accidental coverage
  • RepairEngine® cloud-based technology maintenance platform

Exceptional Features of the WT6000

Compact and Ergonomic Design:

The WT6000 is 27% lighter and 36% smaller in volume compared to previous models, providing unmatched comfort and enterprise-class wearability for industrial applications. Its ergonomic design reduces fatigue, allows for hands-free mobility, and increases efficiency, especially in physically demanding environments like warehouses and manufacturing plants​​.

Rugged Design:

Designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments, the WT6000 is dustproof, sprayproof, and can handle a large temperature range, making it ideal for use in everything from dry storage to cold freezers.

Enhanced Capacitive Touch Display:

Zebra’s WT6000 features a large multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, which is user-friendly even when wearing gloves or in wet conditions. This larger display allows more information to be viewed at once, enhancing user productivity and efficiency in data-intensive tasks​​.

Programmable Softkeys with Haptic Feedback:

The device includes programmable softkeys, enhanced with advanced haptic technology for tactile feedback, leading to up to 39% fewer errors than typical speech-only wearables. This feature adds a new level of usability to touch interface input in industrial settings, allowing workers to operate the device with greater ease and precision​​.

Total Wearable Solutions for Increased Productivity:

When paired with Zebra Technologies RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner and HS3100 Bluetooth headset, the WT6000 facilitates a multi-modal, speech-directed picking solution. This integration can increase worker productivity by 15% reducing errors up to 39%, significantly optimizing workflow efficiency.

Innovative Mounting System for Comfort and Hygiene:

The WT6000 features a groundbreaking mounting system, replacing traditional velcro with a micro-adjustable closure system for a perfect, comfortable fit. The breathable, rubberized silicone sleeve is non-absorbent and easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and safety in shared-use scenarios​​.

Simplified Device Management with All-in-One Cradle System:

The unique ShareCradle system simplifies the backroom management of wearable computers. It allows for simultaneous charging of the WT6000 and compatible ring-style scanners in a single cradle, streamlining device management and battery handling​​.

Common Maintenance and Repair for the WT6000

Battery Issues:

Wearable devices like the WT6000 are heavily reliant on their batteries. Common problems include batteries not holding a charge as long as they used to, not charging at all, or even swelling. Regular battery checks and replacements are essential for maintaining device performance.

Display Problems:

Given the heavy usage in industrial environments, the touch screen display can suffer from scratches, cracks, or responsiveness issues. Although the WT6000 is equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass for added durability, it may still require repairs or replacements due to extensive use.

Wear and Tear on Physical Components:

The ergonomic and compact design of the WT6000 includes various physical components that might wear out over time, such as straps, clasps, or the device casing. These components may need to be repaired or replaced to ensure comfort and functionality and ensure maximum uptime for your business.

Software Issues:

Software glitches, lag, or freezing can occur, especially in devices that are used extensively. Regular firmware updates and software troubleshooting are necessary to keep the device running smoothly.

Connectivity Problems:

Issues with Bluetooth connectivity, which is crucial for pairing the WT6000 with other devices like ring barcode scanners and headsets, can hamper its functionality. Diagnosing and fixing connectivity issues is a common aspect of maintenance.

Sensor Malfunctions:

If the WT6000 is equipped with sensors for specific tasks, these sensors may sometimes malfunction due to environmental factors or wear and tear, requiring recalibration or repair.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Zebra WT6000 Fleet


Operational Consistency

Regular maintenance of your Zebra WT fleet is key to achieving operational consistency. By proactively addressing potential issues, maintenance ensures that these devices are always ready for use, minimizing downtime and maintaining a smooth workflow. This is crucial in environments like warehouses and distribution centers, where every second counts and operational delays can have a domino effect on the entire supply chain.


Reducing Long-Term Expenses

Investing in regular maintenance can lead to significant cost savings over time. It helps prevent costly breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your devices, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements. By maintaining the health of your WT6000 fleet, you avoid the larger expenses associated with emergency repairs or purchasing new equipment, ensuring a better return on your technology investment.


User Satisfaction

Well-maintained equipment like the Zebra WT6000 improves user satisfaction. Employees are more confident and efficient when they work with reliable tools. This not only will boost productivity but also enhance their overall job satisfaction. In high-demand settings, the assurance of having dependable devices can significantly reduce stress and improve the quality of work.

How Can Lexicon Help?

Lexicon Tech Solutions is not just a repair service; we’re your partners in maintaining peak efficiency for your Zebra’s range of devices, including the WT6000. Our services ensure:


  • Rapid Turnaround: Minimizing any operational disruptions.
  • Deep Expertise in Zebra Technology: Assuring top-notch maintenance.
  • Customized Service Plans: Designed to fit your unique business processes.


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