Q3 Newsletter

The kids are back in school and we’re all wilting in this heat. To get your mind off the HOT, here’s this quarter’s Breaking News, your quarterly bulletin from Lexicon Tech Solutions. Turn up the AC and let’s hit it.

Did You Know?
An Elevator Pitch for Equipment Repaired by Lexicon Tech Solutions

Coming up with that elevator pitch is never easy. Just for fun, we polled our employees and asked them to give us their best elevator pitch for Lexicon.

What is End of Life (EOL)? What to Do When Product Reaches EOL

Printers, barcode scanners, and mobile computers last for a considerable amount of time. When these products are retired or pulled from the market for good, they have reached EOL.

Did You Know?
Repair Options for Discontinued Mobile Computers & Other Devices

One of the reasons so many companies work with Lexicon for their technology maintenance is because we're able to combine all device maintenance needs under one roof. Where we get a lot of calls for help is for tech that has been discontinued or has progressed beyond the OEM warranty.

MC9090 Keyboard Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Learn how to troubleshoot your MC9090's keyboard when it's not working and when to repair, refurbish or replace it. Lexicon Tech has convenient MC9090 service plans, refurbished devices and placements ready to go.

Breaking News Bulletin Q2 2022

End users are facing tough challenges deciding how to migrate from legacy operating systems to Android. To meet this challenge, Lexicon leveraged our decades of barcode.

Before and after pic of Lexicon-certified refurbished printer
Why Buy Refurbished Equipment?

Learn why to consider refurbished when purchasing equipment. Lexicon offers a selection of refurbished printers, bar code scanners and mobile computers.

Lexicon LE45 Rugged Mobile Computer Transformed into AR-Enabled Tool with Six15 ST1™ Head-Up Display

Lexicon pairs their LE45 rugged mobile Android computer with Six15's ST1 head-up display to increase warehouse workers’ pick-rates.