CK71 Scanner Not Working? Here's What to Do

The first troubleshooting step to take is to exit the current application on the Intermec CK scanner (go to the Microsoft Windows Desktop on this mobile computer) then press the scan button.

Top Warehouse Barcode Scanners 2022

Choosing the right barcode reader is an important decision. The following guide can help you understand which barcode scanners are among the best available on the market. 

What is Hardware Maintenance?

From warehouses and distribution centers to schools and hospitals, hardware is essential to many businesses core functions. Malfunction can cause costly disruptions for organizations that rely on mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers or other hardware for their day-to-day operations. 

Did You Know?
An Elevator Pitch for Equipment Repaired by Lexicon Tech Solutions

Coming up with that elevator pitch is never easy. Just for fun, we polled our employees and asked them to give us their best elevator pitch for Lexicon.

Searching for a New or Refurbished ZEBRA ZT or QLn Series Printer?

If you’re currently seeking refurbished Zebra ZT or QLn printers, we invite you to talk to us about our repair and maintenance plans that can help extend the life and use of your current devices.

Warehouse Optimization: Moving from Windows to Android Warehouse

Microsoft stopped supporting several of its Embedded CE and Handheld operating systems, causing an industry shift to Android-based systems to improve the bottom line.

Before and after pic of Lexicon-certified refurbished printer
Why Buy Refurbished Equipment?

Learn why to consider refurbished when purchasing equipment. Lexicon offers a selection of refurbished printers, bar code scanners and mobile computers.

WARNING: What you're about to learn is shocking

According to the ESD Association, it only takes 100 of volts of electricity to harm electronic components. Yet each of us create thousands of volts through everyday movements.